Writing on the Wall: Kanvas



It’s more than a hashtag, isn’t it? It does something, touches somewhere, makes something tingle, doesn’t it? It does, for all of us at K. And all the feelings that it inspires poured out on the Kanvases put up across the campus for the occasion.

It was a chance for the faculty and students to express what the occasion meant to them personally, to jot down a bit of their memories, a bit of their dreams, and they responded to it with joyful enthusiasm. The result is a medley of hope, celebration, humour, gratitude and cheesy one-liners.

In the grand scheme of things, a simple canvas put up in one corner of a huge campus might not mean much. But if it drew you together for that one extra moment, made you express yourself, gave you one more chance to laugh together – if it gave you one more memory you’ll cherish – then surely it fulfilled its purpose…


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