Workshop on “Innovation in Start-Ups” by Parvathi Menon during National Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Kozhikode

‘Give me a place to stand and I shall move the Earth’- Archimedes

These thought provoking words were quoted by Parvathi Menon, Founder, Innovation Alchemy while she conducted a workshop on ‘Innovation in start ups’ at IIM Kozhikode today as a part of the on-going E-Summit. Over her 15-year career in the corporate and entrepreneurial space, Parvathi has built a repertoire of knowledge in designing and implementing innovation solutions for corporate firms and she shared her journey and the lessons learnt from it with the audience.

From defining entrepreneurship to the motivation behind it, she crystallized the intangible aura that surrounds entrepreneurship. According to her, “Whatever drives to you to get through a single day of your life is what drives an entrepreneur too”. Laying stress on entrepreneurship with a purpose, she advocated the mantra -“Focus not just on an enterprise but on creating a relevant enterprise that potentially solves massive challenges and gaps.”

The first step for any entrepreneur should be to identify the gap that needs to be addressed and possess a burning desire to remove it. The second step is to build a model that addresses that problem in a significant manner after a thorough understanding of the problem.  She strongly urged budding entrepreneurs to “lift heavy weights” or in other words “make a big dent” and not just tackle problems on a small scale.

She also gave examples of successful entrepreneurial ventures and innovative business models such as Chaitanya Gurukul, a model for education in Bihar; Oorja which sells biomass based cooking stoves to rural homes, Sun King, Operation Asha and Akshay Patra.

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