The day I became something…

PGP14 convocation

For K..Today..Forever..

Convocation: the day of robes, the day of flying caps and the day of unending emotions. though hard it may seem to one of our very own from the fourteenth batch tried to put it in words….

17th March 2012, the day of my convocation the day I can never forget. It was the day when every single Guardian had her/his head high, every face had a smile and every talk had a joke.
But there was more to it.
Every eye was searching; searching for a glimpse of the Kampus one last time; Every shoulder was searching for a hug whose warmth will be felt for the entire life; every one was aware that today, they have made their loved ones proud and glisten with joy.
After Prof. Unnithan announced that Aastha Sayal and 309 other PGP students have successfully graduated and passed from IIMK, emotions soared. All of us were clicking pictures with friends and family, but, i believe; those moments got clicked much before the flash or click of the camera went off; they got filmed on our hearts.
With friends and professors; the 2 years spent at K were perfect; and as they say, every perfect story deserves a perfect ending.

Anuj Gupta
Thy name was Potato and the convocation certified that the raw potato got baked well. Thanks everyone for being a part of me.Happy journey everyone….


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