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Kreate Talk creates great enthusiasm among K students

25 October:

Kreate, a student initiative for bringing about social change, was started by a bunch of students from IIM-K is now a growing community with over 30 members in campus and several chapters in different cities across the nation. It is also a registered partnership firm  which strives to bring about social transformation through the power of Social Media Campaigns. As such having identified the way an idea attracts people, Kreate offers its services for developing a complete portfolio of marketing ideas by way of Short movies, Music Videos, Blogs, Merchandising and Integrated Marketing.

Kreate is different from regular media agencies because it relies on a novel way of thinking and generating ideas. We rely on our sensitivity towards social issues that grapple the society and our fresh enthusiasm to work with single-minded dedication.

With the purpose of introducing the organisation to the entire IIM community and clarifying some common myths about it, “Kreate Talk” was recently organised in campus. The talk received a tremendous response from the students where several opportunities were highlighted for students to take up initiatives in the organisation as volunteers with different interests and how they can contribute to the team using their skill sets. The talk was also attended by a few faculty members who showed their support for activities undertaken by Kreate. Three of the short movies produced under the Kreate banner were screened for the audience to illustrate one of the tools for social campaigning used by the organisation. Alongside, our future plans and campaigns were also discussed. All in all, the Kreate talk helped initiate the necessary debate over several issues and gave students a platform to join hands with this growing community of people working towards bringing a positive change in the society.