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IIMB dominates Sangram 2010

Things didn’t start the right way. 3 tyre bursts, 1 hour spent at the checkpost convincing the inspector-in-charge regarding the validity of the bus documents and finally travelling by local buses to reach our destination IIM Bangalore, the scheduled venue for the Sangram-2010. These were in some ways signs of things to come, and in a small way also responsible for them.

Sangram 2010 never went as per our expectations. There was a buzz around that IIMB was seeing Sangram as a practice ahead of some events they considered more major ones. Upset by these rumours we wanted to prove them wrong by displaying our might, but then a result of 11-3 in favour of IIMB does cut out a sorry face of IIMK in this particular event. Except for Basketball, Chess and Pool where IIMK emerged victorious on account of some stunning displays of skills and expertise, other events are not worth boasting about. The scoreline though does not indicate that it was a close competition for most parts of it.  Badminton, throwball, carrom, football and swimming saw close games which could have gone either way. K-ites succumbed not because of lack of talent but because of lack of practice, which ensured that IIMB edged ahead in these events. Of course they had the advantage of playing in familiar conditions . On the other hand some of  our tired souls, on account of the journey we had, playing in new conditions could not match upto the performance of IIMB players. The chess team did an intelligent thing when they requested their game to be held on the next day, though it was sheduled a few hours after we reached there. This master stroke was followed by several master strokes which saw the team coming out with flying colours. There were few positives, but we need to focus on reasons why we failed to live up to our own expectations. The sports was a true winner when most of the games were played in a great spirit. The event highlights the all round development that happens in IIMs, truly getting reflected in fine overall performances in such events.

We congratulate IIMB on their spectacular success, but we also respect the never say die attitude that our college mates displayed. As Sportscom member Arjun Rao aptly put ” come Sangram 2011, and the things will be different”. Till then it is time to keep playing and keep improving, and above all keep having fun. Sangram 2010 was a grand success, and IIMB will agree it will remain one of the very best events to have been held in their campus. Cheers to the two of the best colleges of the country for making it possible.

Placements and Salaries at K

We are pleased to inform that IIM Kozhikode has completed its placements successfully. Please see the complete report attached at the end of this post

Over the years, salary figures in placement reports across B-schools have invariably centered around two figures, the average salary and the highest salary, with aspirants and industry looking at these figures to gauge the placements at institutes.

However, we felt that this does not present the entire picture since providing a blanket figure makes it tough to find out what different sectors have to offer. “Providing a consolidated average salary figure has been found to be inadequate for MBA-aspirants. A blanket-average salary figure conveys very little information about what the students can expect in a particular sector, since major variations exist in the compensation structures across sectors” said Dr Keyoor Purani, Chairperson- Placements at IIM K. Thus a sectoral methodology of arriving at salary figures was used where each company that participated in the process was classified into various sectors like Foreign Financial institutions, Consulting, Indian Financial Institutions etc.

While calculating the figures mentioned in the report, the salary data used are the CTC figures including variable component quoted by participating firms when making the offers to the students. A single average and highest figure for the entire placements process does not reflect the true picture due to varying compensation policies followed across sectors. This can be seen from the relatively different salary figures in the Foreign financial institutions compared to that offered by firms in a sector like FMCG.

We believe that this is a right step in aiding aspirants in choosing the right career path and would help them to know exactly what to expect from the sectors they’re planning to work in.

IIM Kozhikode Final Placements 2010