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Sangram’17- What Sangram truly stands for!

United in spirit, sports coordinators of IIMK,B,T,V

“Sangram”, the literary translation of the word from Hindi may be “Combat”, but the 3-day Sports championship between four elite IIMs of the south stands for much more. Every Indian is aware of what it takes to be accepted by these premier institutes and this face off between IIM Bangalore,IIM Kozhikode, IIM Trichy and IIM Vishakapatnam was not just amongst MBA students, but amongst all-rounders, each champions in their own rights.

IIM Kozhikode was bestowed with the honour of hosting this year’s highly anticipated edition and we strived to make it memorable for all the contingents. Inspired by the exemplary arrangements made by IIMB when they hosted this event last year, we kick-started the event with a jaw-dropping opening ceremony replete with a first-ever laser show, traditional lamp-lighting ceremony and a scintillating dance performance which left the audience wanting for more.The highlight, however, was our pioneering efforts in introducing aerial coverage of the events and capturing heroes-without-capes battling it out for crowning glory(check out the teaser below). The after-movie made from these videos will soon be shared with all to relive the excitement!

While the players and the cheering squad gave an adrenaline rush to all who witnessed it, others worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that IIMK played its role as hosts to perfection. Sports, however, is not limited to the sportspeople alone. Understanding this sentiment, the hospitality was extended to the supporting staff and the bus drivers of the contingents as well. We were helped in our efforts by none other than our beloved chettas and chechis ,who voluntarily jumped in like the superheroes they are and even lent their voices for the cheering squad!

But this post would be incomplete without acknowledging the whole-hearted support of the other three participating IIMs. Coming down all the way to Kozhikode’s picturesque campus and then giving it their all for this three day battle of guts and glory highlights their exemplary sportsmanship and team spirit. IIM Kozhikode have emerged champions this year after having faced and fought intense competition. Kozhikode has seen the worst rains this year and yet our contingent has practiced day in and out to rise up to the challenge.After all, sports and the twin spirits of camaraderie and sportsmanship is not a zero-sum game.

Sangram is not just an event, but an integral part of our existence. The contingent is not comprised of just our batch-mates but warriors of our wolf pack.Nothing can beat the thrill of representing your college, bearing the hopes of your comrades upon your shoulders and winning it for the home ground. All said and done, all the four IIMs stand united in our fight to lift the Sangram trophy. With renewed vigor and sportsmanship we all await Sangram 2018 !!


PS: For a good read and a good vibe, follow IIM B’s ‘official blog’ post on Sangram 2017:  https://b-heard.in/2014/sangram-2017/


~Public Relations Cell, IIM Kozhikode

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