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Echoes 2014 : Kaleidoscope – Beyond the spectrum

Echoes, the annual cultural festival of IIM Kozhikode with its theme of “Kaleidoscope – Beyond the spectrum” for its latest edition got every colour and every hue take a slide in the slopes of this campus making people spin around in its kaleidoscopic world.Untitled

The journey to Echoes 2014 kick-started with an epic launch event featuring famous electronic music artist Dualist Inquiry’s performance atop the Red Bull Tour Bus. This was followed by the launch of a national level online short film making competition ‘I Love Paani’ conceptualized and judged by the famous filmmaker, Shekhar Kapur. ‘Incaption’, an online caption writing contest, a t-shirt design competition based on Ravi Subhramanium’s book, The Incredible Banker and ‘Picture This’, an online photography contest respectively traced up the final route to Echoes 2014.

With more than 20 events spread over 3 days covering dance, music, fashion, drama, quizzing, art, literary & informal categories and the 3 Pronites featuring popular artists Sona Mohapatra, Band Agnee & Black Letters respectively, Echoes 2014 scaled new heights drawing in participation in huge numbers from colleges across the country.

Day 1

Echoes 2014 got a flying start with one of its highlight events “The General Quiz” hosted by quizmaster Arun Namboothri drawing in quizzers across ages while Surbhi & Utkarsh played host to the interesting MELA quiz. Running simultaneously to this was the Nikon Photography Workshop which gave the photography enthusiasts few tricks up their sleeves. Next in line was the rock band competition, Altar of Rock where the winning Band Sphagettify got a chance to be a part of Music Mojo on Kappa TV. Literary events got a start with the hosting of the echoes debate “The Argumentative Indian”. Day 1 came to a grand finish with a sensational performance by Agnee, which witnessed one of the most enthusiastic crowds singing in their tunes. This was followed by the promising rock band Black Letters, who got everyone on their feet, head banging to their tunes.

Day 2

The penultimate day of Echoes 2014 was jam packed with a wide range of events from solo vocals to India quiz to face painting, potpourri and other lit events. One of the main attractions of the day was the performance by famous singer Sona Mahapatra which saw one of the highest crowds ever on the campus. But, the night was not over yet, as ConcorDance the group dance event came next and saw huge number of teams fighting it out to secure a place in the next rounds of Hip Hop International.

Day 3

The final day of Echoes started with Toe Steppers, the solo/duet dance Competition. The highlight Theatre event Curtain Call blew everyone’s minds away with some sensational acting skills displayed by the participants. Echoes’14 came to a breathtaking close with ‘RampAge’, the fashion show. In addition to some gorgeous costumes and graceful ramp walks, the event reached new levels of creativity with themes in the like of Crimes against women, mafia, Greek and Roman Mythology, Nature’s gifts. The informal events ‘Crash n Burn’ (LAN Gaming) and the Red Bull Treasure Hunt saw active participation and enthusiasm from the crowd.

Echoes 2014 ended up with the promise of getting bigger and better next year!

Glass Half-full or Half-empty ?

As we conclude our most taxing term on Kampus (4 projects, 40 odd quizzes and exams, countless cases) and the first-half of our stay at IIM Kozhikode, mixed emotions cloud our thoughts. At one end we are relieved to go through some of the  subjects that sapped the living soul out of us, whereas at the other end we are excited and nervous as we are about to enter the corporate world for one express stint with our summer internships. At one end we are happy that the tough first year has gone by, but at the other end we know that there is just one more year to go on God’s own Kampus. At one end, we are sad to see our seniors leave one by one, and at the other end we know that we are going to rule this college for the next one year and try to make IIMK to rise to new heights.

As they say emotions are only ephemeral and they will pass on with time. Change is inevitable and it will prevail and it us who will have to brave all the changes that will come in our life.

Destination Kozhikode…

While people might debate over the Kozhikode (formerly Calicut) being one of the quieter towns of Kerala, it comes as no surprise when Kozhikode is voted as one of the preferred locations for settling down. A recent survey by Rediff.com rated Kozhikode as the 15th best city to live in and 5th among the non-metros. This is not a one-off instance as another survey in 2007 by Indicus Survey Research rated Kozhikode as one of the destination cities.

Rediff rated Kozhikode 3rd on purchasing power, 10th on housing options and socio-cultural political fronts. It fell on the safety front which was pretty surprising considering our hassle-free experiences so far. Touch wood! However Kozhikode ranks # 1 in medical and hospital facilities in the 37 cities in the survey.

Kozhikode, the 3rd largest city in Kerala is known for its history, a melting pot of varied cultures, Ayurveda Therapy and our very own God’s own Kampus.