Sangram ’13 – 15th to 17th November

After breaking sweat and shouting war cries over three days, IIMK this year with a glint of dignity and a splendid show had to give away the trophy to the winners of Sangram’13, IIMB. With a glorious turnaround where last year IIMK won 7 gold medals against IIMB’s 14 to this year’s 9 vs. IIMB’s 10, IIMK seems to have been the biggest winner after IIMT which also managed to bag 2 golds. Already evident in the K-air is a steely resolve to reclaim the oh-so-closely lost glory with students being heard planning for the next year’s Sangram in night canteens and hostel landings. S1 The three day sports war between the B-school giants:  IIMK, IIMB and IIMT saw unmatched intensity and spirit of student community with people cheering & jeering to shaking hands & even hugging their rivals. Extending over myriad sport activities like volleyball, throw ball, football, cricket, tennis, table tennis, chess etc along with last year’s additions of Hockey and Kho Kho, the whole event gave a chance to the sports freaks to stretch their muscles and flaunt their flair. With the end of mid-terms, Sangram was served as a feast for the tired and exhausted IIMK crowd that relished the carnival in full vigor. With clean sweeps in carrom, chess, swimming and football, the medal tally already had brought IIMK far ahead of IIMT and neck to neck with IIMB. However it maybe was just IIMK’s bad day that saw marginal defeats in men’s basketball and Pool that turned the medals tally in IIMB’s favor.

All in all, IIMK left a mighty impression and significant intimidation in the eyes of all. With the grounds in top shape, to excellent mess food facility, decent accommodation for almost 300 extra students and lush green and refreshing campus- IIMK has lived up to its brand value. The new girl boy ratio seems to have improved the skills as well as the spirit of the IIMK’s sports community with girls and boys flocking the ground perimeters in equal numbers to support their alma mater in their shrillest voices. The culmination of the event was even more magnificent with Redbull’s tour bus approaching IIMK’s grounds just after the closing ceremony giving the players another reason to groove and celebrate. Hoping for IIMK to push the boundaries and emerge numero uno in Sangram’14 that will be taken over by IIMB.


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