HORIZONS 2010 – Discover the difference!!

Horizons’ is a flagship management speaker conclave at IIM Kozhikode and has been a regular feature since 2000. It provides an avenue for discussions among top-notch corporate leaders from all over the world. The 3-day event, scheduled on 19th – 21st November along with the annual management festival ‘Backwaters’, would find the best corporate minds interacting with the students on campus. The event would consist of the following:

1. Speakers’ podium: There would be 3 speakers on each day talking with reference to our theme ‘Discover the Difference’ from an Indian perspective. The sub-themes for each of the 3-days are Revive | Redeem | Reaffirm wherein, the speakers would be providing us with deep insights on a variety of issues relevant to the day’s theme.

2. Panel Discussions: Apart from their interaction with the students, we have planned panel discussions among the speakers and faculty for each day.


History of Horizons:-

The annual flagship management conclave of IIM Kozhikode has come to serve as an ideal platform for thought leaders – past, present and future – to discuss and debate issues relevant to the prevailing times. Horizons 2009 was organized at a time when everyone was talking about recovery of world economy from the global recession, biggest since “The Great Depression. Horizons 2008 sought to examine the factors that have led to the rise of China and India, the resurgence of Japan and other Asian countries, and the resulting shift in the global business power dynamics. Horizons 2007 focused on ways to unlock the human potential in India and the redevelopment of rural India.

Some of the speakers who have graced Horizons in the past are:-

Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam                                                         Mr. Kiran Karnik

Former President of India                                                            Former President, NASSCOM

Late Prof. C K Prahalad                                                                                   Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai

Renowned Consultant Padmashree Awardee and CNN-IBN Editor-in-chief

The team making it all possible – Industry Interaction Cell (IIC)

Some of the recent activities that IIC has been involved are:

1.       Leadership series: Some of the eminent personalities who have come to our campus in the recent past under the leadership series are:

Padma Bhushan Dr. JJ Irani                                                         Mr. Kapil Sibal

Director, Tata Sons                                                   Minister of HRD, Government of India

Prof. Srikumar Rao, Author of “Are you ready to Succeed

2.       Live Projects: Live projects ranging from private sector to the public sector in marketing, finance, operations, strategy domains have been executed which have given an opportunity to students to work in close collaboration with the industry. In last couple of years, we have seen plethora of Live projects come to our campus wherein students have been offered travel to abroad for short duration.

Swami Tejomayananda visits Kampus

In times like these when people seek God more in status messages on facebook than in meditation or scriptures, IIMK played host to Swami Tejmayananda of the Chinmaya Mission on Sunday. The Swami, visiting the Kampus for the first time, had words of wisdom for the budding management gurus. Spirituality is in being. Being refers to having a system of values around that drives one’s actions. Quoting the Vishnu Sahasranamam, he defined the true leader and his qualities. A leader has three main qualities – has a clear vision of what is happening, meets the expectations of the followers, and knows the destination. As an example, even Gandhiji had trouble convincing his followers about Satyagraha, but he persisted. Answering students’ questions, he explained how spiritual organizations are run based on love and faith, with no strict rules and the followers being allowed to make mistakes. Talking about dealing with conflicts in the organization, he cited the Ramayan where Ram listens to Vibheeshana’s suggestion of praying to the Sea God to help cross the sea, in spite of Lakshman suggesting that drying up the ocean would be easier. The reason given by Ram was that such a move would help motivate Vibheeshana and increase his confidence. As a parting note, the Swami prescribed the Ramayana to help learn the different management concepts.

IIMs should publicise the market capitalizations of companies of its alums – Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Industry Interaction Cell at Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode conducted an interactive session and talk with Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani on Nov 3, 2010.  Mr. Bikhchandani, an IIMA alumnus, is Co-founder & CEO of Info Edge (India) Ltd, which owns major internet portals like naukri.com, jeevansathi.com & 99acres.com.

Prior to the talk a workshop was conducted for the entrepreneurship enthusiasts at IIMK. During this workshop Mr. Bikhchandani shared his insight on e-commerce and online listing businesses. He also discussed about the present and future trends in this market. He emphasized that to be a leader in this market; one has to have power of differentiation, pricing power and later volumes in traffic and clients. According to Mr.Bikhchandani, ‘E-commerce is more about commerce than E’. He explained this giving various examples.

Mr Bikhchandani later addressed the students in the Auditorium. Director of IIMK, Dr. Debashis Chatterjee introduced him to the students as a person for whom making money was never the sole driver, it was a side effect.

Mr Bikhchandani at various stages of his life experienced an existential crisis. He from a very early stage in his life had an idea that he was going to be an entrepreneur. After School, he got through IIT joint entrance exam, but did not join, because he felt that he was not passionate for anything and hence did not wanted to waste 5 years. Instead he opted for St. Stephens College, Delhi. He went on to join IIMA after which he worked for a few years in one of leading MNCs. This was after he had already chucked am IIM convert to get some work experience. He once again faced an existential crisis and was not ready to be just another manager. Opines Mr.Bikhchandani, “Sometimes we start climbing the ladder and then we realize that it was leaning against the wrong wall”.

So, he started a company which would provide survey to different campuses about salaries of MBA graduates. He was also a visiting faculty at some B schools in Mumbai for 6 to 7 years. Mr Bikhchandani from his job experience had an idea about the importance the news regarding job vacancies. He thought of executing the idea of utilizing the worth of job information. This is how Naukri.com came up. The site attracted huge traffic and eventully started making good revenue for the company. During the 2000 economic crisis, Mr. Bikhchandani  retained his talented employees by providing a 45% ESOP.

He stressed on the fact that to sustain in any market especially an online one, its important that the entrepreneurs have deep customer insight. Anything that can solve unsolved problem for somebody will work. Entrepreneurs need not have big ideas; small ideas can help the business grow. He underlined the fact that execution is very important because the strategy or idea could be great but if the execution is not right, nothing would work. He made these points answering a query regarding having the reality check for your entrepreneurship idea.

Mr. Bikhchandani showed his concern towards the existing model of MBA education in India. He said that instead of laying stress on average salary packages obtained by students, institutes should market the total market capitalization and employment by firms’ started by their Students. IIMs can make a difference by selecting the people with right intend and providing an entrepreneurial outlook during the two years of education. When he raised questions over the changing pattern of CAT which favors more and more engineers (his batch in IIMA had 50% engineers against 93% in the present batch) he was greeted to a round of applause by the significant number of non engineering population at K, when he later said engineers are among the toppers during MBA, it was the turn of the engineers to applaud, and when he gave his example of marrying a batch mate, he seemed to enjoy the support of all the males in the batch. Mr. Bikhchandani highly praised the diversity visible in PGP 14 batch, and hoped the college will continue its endeavors to become an IIM with a difference. He was highly inspirational, and interesting, and the experience was truly enriching.

International Day celebrated at IIM-K …

IIM Kozhikode experienced a synergy of cultures on 30th October 2010, with the conduct of the eagerly awaited International Day. The day began with the current batch’s foreign exchange students from Norway, France and Italy showcasing their respective countries at stalls. The stalls presented a wide variety of photographs, videos and brochures of the respective countries.

 Later during the day, the campus was in for a special treat, when students & faculty were treated to snacks prepared by the foreign exchange students themselves. A wide variety of items ranging from soup to pasta to dessert were prepared. The sumptuous food was widely appreciated by one and all.

The atmosphere of excitement built up by these delicacies spilled over into the Cultural Night in the evening. Students were treated to glorious visuals of each country and a humorous insight into the differences between India & Europe. The foreign exchange students put up a lively hilarious performance which had the audience falling off the edge of their seats. There were a whole range of events from quiz to dumb charades, which ended with a perfect climax- a bollywood dance performance by the exchange students themselves.

Prof. Sanal Kumar Velayudhan, Dean, Development expressed admiration and thanked the students for their hard work in putting up a wonderful show. On the whole, it was an amazing performance and one that cant be forgotten so easily!!  




Creating big and small differences to the society…

IIM-Kozhikode is known to be different from other B-schools, in its approach towards management education. It tries to inculcate a sense of social responsibility, in the minds of its diverse student pool. Students are given various opportunities to participate in programs that attempt to produce managers and entrepreneurs, who are sensitive to the society. One such platform is the ‘Mess workers Evening Classes’, where the students teach the mess workers. The students get an opportunity to showcase their social sensitivity which provides them with great satisfaction, apart from providing the mess workers an opportunity to get educated by some of the brightest minds of the country.

This is a part of the welfare projects for the staff at IIM Kozhikode and has been organized by the Social Service Group, of IIM-Kozhikode. Under this program, evening classes are held for the mess workers. The response received from PGP volunteers as teachers has been remarkable and their commitment to the cause has been unwavering. This has facilitated classes to be held thrice a week in four shifts to accommodate the timings of the Night Canteen and mess workers. The mess workers have been responding positively to the initiative, which can be credited to both, their enthusiasm, and the efforts of PGP students. Although the present syllabus includes only spoken and written English, it will be expanded to include Mathematics as the classes’ progress. IIM Kozhikode student community continues to look for such opportunities to create big and small differences to the society around them.

Kreate Talk creates great enthusiasm among K students

25 October:

Kreate, a student initiative for bringing about social change, was started by a bunch of students from IIM-K is now a growing community with over 30 members in campus and several chapters in different cities across the nation. It is also a registered partnership firm  which strives to bring about social transformation through the power of Social Media Campaigns. As such having identified the way an idea attracts people, Kreate offers its services for developing a complete portfolio of marketing ideas by way of Short movies, Music Videos, Blogs, Merchandising and Integrated Marketing.

Kreate is different from regular media agencies because it relies on a novel way of thinking and generating ideas. We rely on our sensitivity towards social issues that grapple the society and our fresh enthusiasm to work with single-minded dedication.

With the purpose of introducing the organisation to the entire IIM community and clarifying some common myths about it, “Kreate Talk” was recently organised in campus. The talk received a tremendous response from the students where several opportunities were highlighted for students to take up initiatives in the organisation as volunteers with different interests and how they can contribute to the team using their skill sets. The talk was also attended by a few faculty members who showed their support for activities undertaken by Kreate. Three of the short movies produced under the Kreate banner were screened for the audience to illustrate one of the tools for social campaigning used by the organisation. Alongside, our future plans and campaigns were also discussed. All in all, the Kreate talk helped initiate the necessary debate over several issues and gave students a platform to join hands with this growing community of people working towards bringing a positive change in the society.

The much awaited ‘Tadka’, coming out soon- By Edit Board

Firstly, we apologize for the delayed edition of Tadka. We hope that the spice in this edition makes up for the delay. So presenting before you …from the Rasoi of Edit board ….spicy Tadka on the menu “items” of campus!!

Filled with the hoch-poch of PGP14, glam-sham of PGP girls, and the “aah se aaha tak” of PGP guys Tadka is coming out soon! Thanks to the gender ratio of PGP14 our campus is one the most happening campuses to be. More colorful personalities with lots of masala are right on spot for you.

So the confused PGP14 and the chilled out PGP13 HURRYYYYYY and grab a copy of TADKA!!!

We hope that we haven’t crossed the line anywhere and in case we did……. well the damage has already been done so no point in apologizing. Stop cribbing and be a sport.

Tadka- The cover page

Backwaters v2.10 – Discover the Difference

The backwaters are no longer calm and still, Backwaters v2.10 is here to stir up emotions. The Annual Business School meet of Indian Institute of management Kozhikode is back. The meet aims to put into action the institute’s vision of propelling the Business School from the path of exclusive elitism to inclusive excellence. The meet will span three days, 19th to 21st November. The theme of the fest this year is to “discover the difference” –where the intention is to revive, redeem and reaffirm the unique facets of India Inc. A perfect platform to showcase one’s talent and nurture it too, Backwaters has come up with a new set of events that do all of this and more. The top 70 business schools fight it out to emerge the best biz big wigs. The number of events has been increased this year to include more creative and thought intensive challenges.

Curiosity has its own reasons for existing and Backwaters v2.10 is glad to add to the repertoire of reasons. Backwater’s flagship event, White Knight, has already been launched on a scale larger than ever and has a funding of a whooping Rs. 3 crore which makes it the largest such competition in India. The corporate quiz, Bizzathalon conducted by the nationally renowned quizmaster Avinash Mudaliar is expected to be one of the highlights this year. Another key event this year is Horizons, the Annual Management Conclave conducted in association with the Industry Interaction Cell of IIMK inviting industry leaders, academicians and policy makers to inspire budding leaders.

Backwaters v2.10 has promised to be a meet that will push budding CEOs and entrepreneurs to the limit of testing their logical construct and get the best out of them. Backwaters v2.10 also has some events this year that are open for the corporate and the undergraduate student population.  Backwaters 2010 held earlier in the year had close to 100 students invited to compete for the final rounds at IIMK. More than 12 lakh hits were registered on the official Backwaters website across 26 countries in a period of just 1 month. This awe-inspiring success has the potential of reaching even greater heights. Here is an opportunity to revel in the spirit of competition and the culture of management expertise. Backwaters v2.10 is striving to create a balance between the crusader and complacency, to find the courage to drive the engine of positive change while maintaining social development always in sight and in thought

Visit www.iimkbackwaters.com for more details and to experience India like never before!

Dandiya Night at IIM-K

IIM K celebrated Navratra by organizing Dandiya Night as per the Gujarati tradition. Young budding managers came together, to have a very special celebration in a highly vibrant and festive atmosphere. Culcom, the cultural committee had organized the Dandiya Nite, which also witnessed many other enthusiastic volunteers coming forward in organizing the event. Few of the Gujaratis, like Rutvij and Pooja, worked towards training their batch mates on the dance steps of Garba and Dandiya over the few days prior to the event.

The evening began with the Puja and offering of the Aarti. The hard working MBA students, who are also highly regarded for their even harder partying skills, were soon in a party mode. It started with people dancing to the tunes of various dandiya songs. They knew little about the technicalities of the dance, but the interest levels and the enthusiasm was worth watching. Even before the event had begun, the eagerness and anticipation of it had already indicated how successful it will be.

Dj Mahtaab then came up with a full range of Bollywood party songs to give a whole new dimension to the celebrations. The way people were dancing to these songs with Dandiya sticks in their hands, trying to mix traditional dance steps with the funky moves, apparently brought out the best of the cultural mix. Of course it was awesome fun as well. The playlist ranged from some of the “khakhor” songs of the 90s to the latest “tadak-bhadak’ ones. The party often switched gears with folk Gujarati numbers and doing Garba dance on some Bollywood numbers.

Culcom was very pleased with the way things went. The satisfaction and happiness of all those who became a part of the memorable evening was also visible in a variety of facebook status messages which were on full display after the event. IIM Kozhikode celebrated the Dandiya Night with full fervor.

IIMB dominates Sangram 2010

Things didn’t start the right way. 3 tyre bursts, 1 hour spent at the checkpost convincing the inspector-in-charge regarding the validity of the bus documents and finally travelling by local buses to reach our destination IIM Bangalore, the scheduled venue for the Sangram-2010. These were in some ways signs of things to come, and in a small way also responsible for them.

Sangram 2010 never went as per our expectations. There was a buzz around that IIMB was seeing Sangram as a practice ahead of some events they considered more major ones. Upset by these rumours we wanted to prove them wrong by displaying our might, but then a result of 11-3 in favour of IIMB does cut out a sorry face of IIMK in this particular event. Except for Basketball, Chess and Pool where IIMK emerged victorious on account of some stunning displays of skills and expertise, other events are not worth boasting about. The scoreline though does not indicate that it was a close competition for most parts of it.  Badminton, throwball, carrom, football and swimming saw close games which could have gone either way. K-ites succumbed not because of lack of talent but because of lack of practice, which ensured that IIMB edged ahead in these events. Of course they had the advantage of playing in familiar conditions . On the other hand some of  our tired souls, on account of the journey we had, playing in new conditions could not match upto the performance of IIMB players. The chess team did an intelligent thing when they requested their game to be held on the next day, though it was sheduled a few hours after we reached there. This master stroke was followed by several master strokes which saw the team coming out with flying colours. There were few positives, but we need to focus on reasons why we failed to live up to our own expectations. The sports was a true winner when most of the games were played in a great spirit. The event highlights the all round development that happens in IIMs, truly getting reflected in fine overall performances in such events.

We congratulate IIMB on their spectacular success, but we also respect the never say die attitude that our college mates displayed. As Sportscom member Arjun Rao aptly put ” come Sangram 2011, and the things will be different”. Till then it is time to keep playing and keep improving, and above all keep having fun. Sangram 2010 was a grand success, and IIMB will agree it will remain one of the very best events to have been held in their campus. Cheers to the two of the best colleges of the country for making it possible.