Horizons 2010- Day 2, Session 2

Session Two of day Two of Horizons consisted of a talk and a Panel Discussion on Corporate Governance.

Mr. Pritam Roy, Founder and CEO of Gomolo.in (the largest database of Hindi and Bengali films in India) and an IIM Kozhikode alumnus delivered a talk on ‘opportunities, resources and challenges’ of India in ‘redeem’ing itself. He also shared his experiences in his career during the last decade: the decade of ‘noughties’. Mr. Roy joined Ranbaxy after his post-graduation and he was responsible for Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets. He dwelled on certain phases that India has gone through in its ‘Redeem’ process. In the first phase, he talked about the Pharmaceutical and IT/ITES industries which were export-oriented and which started off the process of India a leading player in the world economy. According to Mr. Roy, the second phase consisted mainly in acquiring assets in the commodities, manufacturing and FMCG industries. Phase three saw India involving in niche industries – in marquee brands and telecom industry. The fourth phase saw more emphasis on natural resources and land as a main driving force of the economic development. He further commented on Barrack Obama’s comment recently that “…India has risen.”India has really come a far way from the ‘India Shining’ ads of last decade. On the ‘opportunities’ front, Mr. Roy dwelled upon the characteristics of employment in India, unprecedented growth, broadened penetration and inclusive growth. The main focus in ‘resources’ aspect of India are an increase in consumption, savings and investment , democracy ,free media, high aspiration levels and increased allocation to social programs. He also mentioned about RTI Act, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA), Food Security Bill, and Adhaar as some of the constructive steps taken in India for a better India. Some of the ‘challenges’ facing present India are poor physical , social , technology infrastructure.Moreover,there is a lack of focus on agriculture  and a lack of quality healthcare and education. He also laid stress on the progress of different internet sites in the whole business scenario of India, most notably naukri.com, makemytrip.com, shaadi.com, gomolo.in, amongst others.

Mr. Haragopal Mangipudi, Global Head, Infosys Finnacle, Mr. Prashant Govil, Managing Consultant, Technology Consulting, Accenture and Mr. Pritam Roy , Founder and CEO of Gomolo.in were part of a panel discussion on “Paradigm in vigilant India and world of Corporate Governance”.The panel talk was efficiently moderated by Prof. Rani Ladha of IIM Kozhikode.The crux of the healthy discussion which took place is that transparency is essential for a wholesome corporate governance.Mr. Govil opined that ethics should also be a part and parcel of corporate governance.Strong regulation and government interventions contribute for this cause.Mr. Mangipudi laid emphasis on the agent-principal relationship in corporate governance.He laid stress on the ability to impart change in the system in the case for unavoidable bad performance in corporate governance and question the administration.he concluded by telling that integrity is a cluster concept and consistency of methods,measures , principles is the hallmark of desired corporate governance.Mr. Roy lauded the efforts of Infosys in setting the benchmark of corporate governance in India and the efforts of Mr. Narayana Murthy in this aspect.He highlighted the differences between features of corporate governance of developed countries and that of India.In India, much effort goes into catering to the larger shareholders.Moreover, according to him, different number of laws in the country increase the cost of the company in the effort taken to comply with governance in accordance to them.A variety of quality questions were raised by the students present in the audience and they were answered in a very informative manner by the panel members ,with an excellent degree of moderation by Prof. Rani Ladha.

Shiksha: A sneak peek into the life of an MBA

Shiksha: A sneak peek into the life of an MBAShiksha is one of its kind initiatives by Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, to help undergraduate and postgraduate students of institutes around Calicut to experience the thrill of being a part of Backwaters. It helped the undergraduate students of Calicut get a sneak peek into the life of an MBA and experience the thrill of being a part of “Backwaters v.2.10 –The IIM Kozhikode International Business School Meet”. Shiksha saw participation by 75 students from in and around Calicut.

The first day of workshop began with a session on “Leadership Edge” by Prof. K Unnikrishnan Nair. It was an interactive session with participants getting interesting insight into various aspects of leadership. This was followed by an animated and fun filled session on “Managerial Communication” by Prof. Shiva Kumar Srinivasan. A quiz was also taken for the budding managers by Mr. Chandu Lenin.

The second day of workshop began with an informative lecture on “Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy” by Prof Anandakuttan B Unnithan. Team Konquest from IIM K conducted a CV building and Personality Development workshop for the Postgraduate as well as Undergraduate students which was highly appreciated by them. It was indeed a tryst with God’s own campus, for the participating students.Shiksha: A sneak peek into the life of an MBA


Backwaters: Day 2 event updates

Day 2 witnessed an adrenaline pumping business contests being fought out to earn the coveted top spot. Blackberry’s Young Guns event saw the trilling finale with IIM Ahmedabad’s Rahul emerging victorious followed closely by IIFT’s Gaurav Chibber and IIMK’s Anuj Gupta. The event would be telecasted on NDTV Profit soon.

Today also saw the culmination of Triology with team from Goa Institute of Management and IIM Kozhikode winning the 1st and 2nd positions respectively.

Bizzathalon – The business quiz saw enthusiatic participation from teams across various B-Schools and corporates. Mr.Avinash Mudliar, famous quizzer and former secretary of Karnataka Quiz Association hosted this prestigious event.

C-Strat the Innovation Challenge in association with CTS, saw a tough fight between 5 teams from the top B-schools of India.  The event was judged by Mr. Ram Prasad (IIM-Kozhikode alumnus) and Mr Das(S.P Jain alumnus), both consulting managers from CTS. The teams had to submit an innovative idea in the first round and then present the feasibility and implementation plan for their respective ideas in the second round. ‘Masters of the Mind’ from NITIE, Mumbai emerged as the winners, with team ‘Trailblazers’ from S.P Jain, Dubai, as runners up.

Horizons 2010- Day 2, Session 1

“…Do benchmark, be benchmark…”

                                                – Mr. Haragopal Mangipudi, Global Head, Infosys Finnacle

Mr. Haragopal Mangipudi, Global Head, Infosys Finnacle delivered a talk in the third session of Horizons – the Annual Speakers Conclave of IIM Kozhikode. Mr Mangipudi started the session by highlighting the vast talent pool of 2.3 million ‘ready to leverage’ software engineers serving multiple global companies, present in India. He pointed out that out of the 1.1 billion people in India, half are under 19 and this technology savvy generation is an opportunity that we need to leverage on, to make the ‘Made in India’ concept, a global success. He pointed out the need of having a superlative productive workforce, one similar to Israel who is 100 times more effective than the Indian counterparts. He also said that ‘Cloud Computing’ is one area that is currently providing and will provide an immense opportunity in the coming years, for the banking and technology sector.

He said that a good idea and constant funding, along with customers are necessary but not sufficient for success. He then gave the students an interesting insight into the necessary requirements of running a successful organization. He said that business architecture is essential to translate the idea into something tangible along with a good brand. He said, “If you don’t talk the walk, you’re gone”. He also focused on customer centricity, saying, “We can’t look good unless our customer looks good”. He emphasized on delivery strengths, ecosystem and employees and funding as the other essentials for success.  “Product is a long term commitment”, is what he said.

Mr. Prashant Govil, Managing Consultant, Technology Consulting, Accenture was the second speaker of the day. Being an alumnus of IIM- Kozhikode, he started the speech with pleasant memories of the institute. He spoke on the evolution of technology in the last 20 years. He pointed out the role of MIISO Soup (Microsoft, Intel, IBM, SAP and Oracle) in shaping the technology in the last two decades. He also highlighted that the ‘100 million mark’ has become the new benchmark for companies’ achieving growth thanks to technology as an enabler. He also highlighted the growing outsourcing in services industry and how organizations and individuals need to evolve with time. The career advice of this alumnus to the 13th & 14th batch of IIMK was received with a deafening applause.

Avatar – the Leadership Quest begins…

Avatar is the search for the next leader. The event sponsored by ITC spans over a three-day period. Representatives of the Top B-Schools  have come for this event. The brightest minds of the country are trying to prove their mettle and one of them will emerge as the next big leader. The first day saw them running from pillar to post in the streets of Calicut doing a retail survey of ITC products. The participants were also presented a case, the solution to which they have to prepare in two days time.

They were put through a barrage of questions on the first half of second day in the Avatar Quiz, testing their knowledge of the Business World and applications of classroom concepts. The competition is getting tougher as well as more interesting day by day.

Future rounds involve Boardroom discussions which will see them donning hats of the CXOs of the organisations and devising strategies for the success of their organisation. Lets see how the event unfolds !!

Horizons 2010- Day 1, Session 2

“…India has revived and redeemed itself but needs to go one step further and reaffirm itself…”

                                                         – Mr. M. K. Sinha, CEO IDFC Project Equity

Mr. M. K. Sinha, CEO IDFC Project Equity, delivered a talk in the second session of Horizons – the Annual Speakers Conclave of IIM Kozhikode .Mr. Sinha complimented IIM Kozhikode on its beautiful campus which is the cynosure of all eyes. Moreover he also lauded the organizing team of Backwaters for selecting the much relevant theme of this year’s Backwaters-‘Discover the Difference-Revive, Redeem and Reaffirm’. He started off his session with a brief introduction of IDFC Project Equity and how it carries out the work of scanning the financial landscape in India. His speech also encompassed his musings on the subthemes of ‘Revive, Redeem and reaffirm’ in the Indian context. According to Mr. Sinha, historically, China and India had had a bulk share of the World trade earlier, though they now account for a small share in the world trade. In his opinion, China has presently gone through the phase of ‘reviving, redeeming and reaffirming’ itself. India has been mainly in the ‘redeeming’ phase and needs to ‘reaffirm’ itself to be a big player in the world. Also he opined that Africa will be the next big thing. According to Mr. Sinha, infrastructure is the crux of a country’s economy and IDFC is doing very well in that field. India can leverage very much on its advantages, notably the quality of its education institutions, the law system of India, a strong banking system and strong regulation of its capital markets. However, the labour laws need amendment. India has taken some very well measured steps to reaffirm itself in the world economy .To name a few of them-it has played a well-defined role in the climate change discussions ,the nuclear energy talks with US ,vying for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council .

Young Guns gets off to an enthusiastic start…

Young Guns started firing on 19th with the much awaited event getting off to a flying start. It targets at identifying the creative management brain, which is sharp, smooth and sure. Young Guns is brought to you by Blackberry menswear and NDTV profit along with Backwaters, IIM Kozhikode. Three day management fest of IIM Kozhikode, backwaters, also saw its opening yesterday. Young guns is one of the major attractions for the fest.

The audience was kept updated with regular updates pouring in since the morning itself. The preparation of event, the arrival of participants and their discussion with Ashutosh Sinha of NDTV, the host for the show, was all being shared with the world with status messages being updated and pictures being uploaded. The participants had come from various corners of the country, with people coming from as far as FMS Delhi, IIM Ahmadabad and IIM Calcutta. There were three participants from IIM Kozhikode. The search for young gun had sole female participant as Tanushree Pathak from Nitie, Mumbai. All the participants received business suits from Blackberrys. Aparajita, from Blackberrys described the costume as symbolic of transitions in life, and the suits presented to the participants symbolized the professional transitions that most of them are about to make. Many of the participants seemed anxious while there were some who managed to see the light side of the things. Bafpalbir Singh said that the main problem that he faces is that the suit given to him is black whereas his turban is blue, and they won’t go matching with each other!

Mr. Ashutosh Sinha briefed them regarding the first round and how it would go. The suspense about subsequent rounds continued for some more time. Meanwhile Mr. Ashutosh Sinha had a small discussion with the campus correspondent Sajal, which saw significant bonding developing between the two of them who also share the same hometown Ranchi. Ashutosh said that he has been to many campuses across the country but nothing comes close to this campus- “not only is this the best, it is by far the best”. He talked about the importance of diversity in management education, at length, and he explained how people from different backgrounds have different things to learn from each other. Talking about the concept of young Guns, he said a young gun is someone who can make the right decisions today which will help him or her in the years to come. The presence of Ashutosh gave a whole new dimension to the event.

The first round of young guns involved the presentations made by the participants about a case related to media and entertainment industry. The honorable judges were Mr. Keyoor Purani and Mr. Atanu Adhikari, two of the distinguished faculty members of IIMK. For the case presentation,  most of the young guns fired on the same target while suggesting similar strategies. Also with most of them doing pretty well, it is unlikely that this round will give someone a clear edge. In any case it was not an elimination round and we will have to wait and see what difference do the points carried forward from this round make in the future. The presentations were followed by a small round of questions and answers where judges asked for certain explanations and clarifications from a few participants.

The event gets heated up on its second day when the young guns also start firing at the fellow participants. The next round is a debate round with the topic that has been decided upon being- India vs Bharat. Don’t miss the action.

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Horizons 2010- Day1, Session 1

“…FMCG Industry is a different ball game of the art of negotiation…”

                                                                     – Mr. Chander Mohan Sethi, CMD, Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd.

The most awaited event in IIM Kozhikode’s annual itenarary has started today at the institute’s scenic campus in Kozhikode. The opening ceremony of Backwaters (Annual Management Fest of IIM Kozhikode), held inside IIMK auditorium, witnessed an overwhelming response from Indian B school community. In conjunction with Backwaters, Horizons– the Annual Conclave of Speakers-has also successfully commenced with two notable speakers-Mr. Chander Mohan Sethi, Regional Director, South Asia and Chairman and Managing Director, Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. and Mr. Ananth Narayana, Director of Health Care Projects, Cognizant, India.

Horizons, organized by the Industry Interaction Cell of IIMK, started with a speech by Mr. Chander Mohan Sethi. His speech was illustrated with examples from his illustrious career in Reckitt Benckiser. According to Mr. Sethi, his ambition had always been to make, do and grow business. He discussed about his likes and interests, particularly interacting with the people in his company who form the main interface with the customers, and about his passion for communicating with the brightest minds of the country. He spoke at length about the FMCG Industry and how it has evolved since 1980s and the factors which influence growth and momentum within the industry. “Nowadays it is an open world and there is nothing that is geographically limited” – he said. He also commented on an article about the rising growth of China. According to him, “the decade might have belonged to China, but the century will belong to India”. Mr. Chander also urged the student community to ‘profile themselves’ and to develop the skill and art of knowing about ‘consumer insights’ in order to make a career path in the world of marketing. Morever, he advised the audience to ‘learn to challenge sensibly’. There is a growing presence of Indian talent in multinational companies and Mr. Sethi mentioned that Reckitt Benckiser has a lot of Indian people holding important and high managerial positions in its offices all over the world. In his opinion, it is a continuous moral challenge for a businessman or businesswoman to not destroy the success of their predecessors or maintain the image or reputation created by those predecessors. On behalf of the FMCG Industry, he highlighted the fact that the industry throws a lot of challenges because stakeholders have to dedicate their energy to a dynamic environment where everything changes and different geographical locations are involved. In conclusion, he wished that “India would have opened up (liberalized) some thirty years back” so that there would have been more challenges involved in the Indian FMCG scenario.

The second speaker to deliver a talk on the Horizons stage was Mr. Ananth Narayana, Director of Health Care Projects of Cognizant India. Inspite of having had no formal education in management, Mr. Narayana, told the audience that his success is a product of the experience he gathered during the course of his career. He discussed about his career entry into IT before it was considered such an important business function and how he has experienced the evolution of IT Industry in this country. He also discussed about his quest for continuous learning and how the concept of ‘knowledge islands’ (people who have exclusive expertise in a particular field of knowledge which is not shared with other people within the organization) should be devoloped in a particular company or organization. He further discussed about the ‘Four Forces’ which are shaping the ‘Future of Work’ in Cognizant Technology Solutions Ltd- Globalization, Virtualization, Cloud and Milennials. Morever, he explained the success of Cognizant as one of the first players in the IT industry to have focused its business purely on Vertical specialization.

Other events which have commenced on Day One at Backwaters include “Young Guns – Search for the Sharp, Smooth, Sure” in association with Blackberrys, “Avatar – the Leadership Quest” in association with ITC, Chain Reaction – The Operations Strategy event along with a promotional talk by Nokia among others.

IIM-K Summer Placement – 2010

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode announced the successful completion of the summer placements process for its fourteenth batch of PGP participants (2010-12). The selection process saw participation from over 130 firms. Participation of companies in such large numbers reaffirmed the buoyancy in the industry and reflected strong market sentiments in terms of quality talent acquisition. With an increase in batch strength, IIM Kozhikode has made a concerted effort to move towards more well rounded profiles. The diversity in the batch was well appreciated by recruiters who seemed quite satisfied to find more varied profiles in terms of academic and professional backgrounds to choose from.

Behemoths on the global scene such as HUL, P&G, Deutsche Bank, Citi, HSBC, ITC, Deloitte, PwC, Arthur D. Little, JPMorgan Chase, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Standard Chartered Bank again considered IIMK as a preferred destination for quality talent. The highest stipend offered this year was over ì 1.5 Lakh and the average stipend saw an increase of over 80% from the previous year. “It is really great to know that our regular recruiters have further fostered their relationship with IIM Kozhikode. This is indeed a good sign for the institute and for students who hope to secure challenging roles and profiles of their liking for internships. Also the increased participation of new recruiters is a testimony to IIM Kozhikode’s growing reputation in the industry” said Dr. G Sridhar, Chairperson Placements, IIM Kozhikode.

                                                               Figure 1: Vertical wise Break-up

Sales and Marketing emerged as the most preferred sector with 25% of the total offers made in this vertical. HUL, ITC, Marico, Colgate-Palmolive, PepsiCo, Asian Paints, Johnson & Johnson, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, Madura Garments, Kellogg’s, Heinz, Voltas, Tata Steel, Perfetti van Melle, Titan, and Avon among others were part of the summer intern hiring process.

Banks and other financial services firms continued their revival and extended offers to as much as 22% of the batch. Participation by the likes of Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Citi, Standard Chartered Bank, American Express, Elara Capital, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Singhi Advisors, UTI Mutual Funds, Birla Sun Life, Pears Capital etc. provided the students a plethora of opportunities to intern in the Finance sector, particularly asset management and investment banking. Roles in corporate finance and strategy were offered by business conglomerates like L&T and Escorts Group.

Firms that offered roles in the strategy and consulting vertical included Arthur D Little, Deloitte, PwC, Boston Analytics, Evolution Partners, Aqua MCG, Wipro, Capgemini, Knowledgefaber, Emergent Ventures, Asclepius Consulting, Littler Associates and Mindtree Consulting among many others.

Roles in operations and general management were offered by companies like Reliance Industries Ltd, Reliance Power (ADAG), Mahindra, Jindal Power and Steel, Apollo Hospitals, Ashok Leyland, L&T and Bertling Logistics. Prime recruiters among IT companies were Cognizant, TCS, Hewlett Packard, HCL, Patni, Aricent, Genpact and Tata Elxsi which dished out a variety of roles ranging from IT consulting to sales and project management. Companies from the telecommunication industry like Bharti Airtel and Idea also recruited from the campus.

Niche sectors: In a testimony to the increasing interest shown by students in non-conventional sectors such as media and entertainment, sports management, start-ups, health and wellness etc. students were more than keen to take up opportunities with firms such as MSM India (previously Sony Entertainment Television), Bennett Coleman & Co, McCann Erikson, Ogilvy & Mather, PMG Sports, Apollo Hospitals, Gomolo, Drishtee Foundation and Idobro.

As many as 60 new firms which include Saint Gobain, Daimler India, Onida, Cinepolis, Grasim, HT Media, GSS Infotech, Reubro International, UST Global, Astro All Asia Networks Plc participated in this year’s process. VCs/Incubators like Headstart Ventures, Indian Angel Network, Signal Point Partners also participated in the summers process for the first time. Some of the participating firms also went on to offer some unique managerial roles such as Executive Assistant to the CEO and other seniormanagerial positions to the interns.

Mr Sajiv Nair, Manager – Corporate HR at ITC, which recruited 5 interns, was very impressed with the quality of the participants in the placement process and expressed his satisfaction saying, “We want to build a long-term relationship with the institute. The candidates who participated in the process were top-notch. The level of enthusiasm and energy among the students was very high. The placements committee ensured that the process was conducted in a very smooth and professional manner.

Industry Interaction Cell presents Horizons 2010


Discover the difference!!


Horizons’ is a flagship management speaker conclave at IIM Kozhikode and has been a regular feature since 2000. It provides an avenue for discussions among top-notch corporate leaders from all over the world. The 3-day event, scheduled on 19th – 21st November along with the annual management festival ‘Backwaters’, would find the best corporate minds interacting with the students on campus. The event would consist of the following:

1. Speakers’ podium: There would be 3 speakers on each day talking with reference to our theme ‘Discover the Difference’ from an Indian perspective. The sub-themes for each of the 3-days are Revive | Redeem | Reaffirm wherein, the speakers would be providing us with deep insights on a variety of issues relevant to the day’s theme.

2. Panel Discussions: Apart from their interaction with the students, we have planned panel discussions among the speakers and faculty for each day.


History of Horizons:-

The annual flagship management conclave of IIM Kozhikode has come to serve as an ideal platform for thought leaders – past, present and future – to discuss and debate issues relevant to the prevailing times. Horizons 2009 was organized at a time when everyone was talking about recovery of world economy from the global recession, biggest since “The Great Depression. Horizons 2008 sought to examine the factors that have led to the rise of China and India, the resurgence of Japan and other Asian countries, and the resulting shift in the global business power dynamics. Horizons 2007 focused on ways to unlock the human potential in India and the redevelopment of rural India.

Some of the speakers who have graced Horizons in the past are:-

 Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

Mr. Kiran  Karnik, Former President, NASSCOM,

and CNN-IBN Editor-in-chief

Late Prof. C.K.Prahlad, Padmashree Awardee


The team making it all possible – Industry Interaction Cell (IIC)

Industry Interaction Cell (IIC) facilitates communication and enables effective knowledge transfer between the institute and the industry.  IIC has always strived for enhancing the student-industry interaction through Horizons, Leadership series, Corporate events, Live projects and Curriculum Development. Industry stalwarts, policy makers, thought leaders from diverse backgrounds have regularly visited our campus. With speakers from diverse backgrounds, Horizons 2010 would be carrying this tradition forward.

Some of the recent activities that IIC has been involved are:

1. Leadership series: Some of the eminent personalities who have come to our campus in the recent past under the    leadership series are:





Mr. Kapil Sibal, Minister of HRD, Govt. of India

Padma Bhushan Dr. JJ Irani, Director, Tata Sons

Prof. Srikumar Rao, Author of “Are you ready to Succeed


2. Live Projects: Live projects ranging from private sector to the public sector in marketing, finance, operations, strategy domains have been executed which have given an opportunity to students to work in close collaboration with the industry. In last couple of years, we have seen plethora of Live projects come to our campus wherein students have been offered travel to abroad for short duration.