Noted Entrepreneur Mr. Sanjay Anandram of JumpStartUp Venture Fund delivers lecture during National Entreprenurship Summit at IIM Kozhikode

Mr. Sanjay Anandram holds an MBA degree from IIM Bangalore and has an illustrious career of nearly two decades, as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, venture investor, mentor and angle investor to companies and early stage funds in the technology space. He is the founding member of JumpStartUp Venture Fund set up in 2000. He is currently the co-chair of the TiE Entrepreneur Acceleration Program and a Charter Member of TiE Bangalore. He is also involved with Nasscom, IIM Bangalore, INSEAD, Singapore as well as Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India in various capacities.

He engaged in a very candid session with the students. He started the session by showing a collage of influential personalities and explained what qualities an entrepreneur can draw from each of those personalities. He started with the example of Walt Disney and explained how imagination is important to the success of an entrepreneur. Likewise, he picked up each of the personalities on the screen like Mahatma Gandhi, Ray Kroc, Howard Schultz, Dr. Verghese Kurien, Charlie Chaplin and various others and emphasized on the qualities that these people had that helped them to make their mark. The essential qualities which emerged from the success stories of these personalities were perseverance, effective leadership, seizing the opportunity at the right time, collaboration and commitment.

He connected all of the personalities with one common trait: ‘passion’. Passion is the bedrock for any entrepreneur and by extension his venture to be successful. He should be able to challenge the status quo and that is how he can bring about change in lives of people. He also quoted Upanishad and said “you are what your deep driving desire is”. It is very difficult to take that leap of faith but one has to cross that hurdle to taste success. He concluded the session by saying that things can and will go wrong but one should not ‘outsource’ the blame and should own up to it, get up and start working towards achieving their dream again.

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