Ms. Rashmi Bansal, a best selling author and an entrepreneur delivers lecture during National Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Kozhikode

Ms. Rashmi Bansal, who is a writer, entrepreneur, youth expert and the proud author of four best-selling books on entrepreneurship, shared experiences from her life and hoped that it would resonate with the audience. Rashmi is the co-founder and editor of JAM (Just Another Magazine). She writes extensively on youth, careers and entrepreneurship on her blog Youth Curry. Rashmi is a columnist on popular Indian news portal and a regular contributor to India’s largest selling business magazine – Businessworld, where her articles generate extensive interest and debate.

During her lecture, Rashmi recounted her innate passion for writing and sending articles to newspapers. She made reference to the book “Outliers” and emphasized the fact that to succeed in any given field, one needs to put in at least 10,000 hours of practice. She envisaged upon the fact that having mere talent doesn’t imply that the door to success will open. One needs to have perseverance to pursue the goal. She agreed with the fact that not everybody wishes to be an entrepreneur. But it is extremely important to find something you love in the job that you do and then put your best in it. The value of a job is more important than the designation of the job. She advised the audience to choose a newly emerging field like energy, infrastructure, digital marketing and learn to deal with uncertainty. Rashmi believes that there is no right time to start except now. She affirms the notion that the younger, the better as there is more optimism and less baggage. She concluded the talk with her message of dreaming big, even if it sounds impractical or foolish. She recognizes that what mind can conceive and believe, the mind can surely achieve.

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