Mr. Kartik Vaidyanathan, Founder, Free Energy delivers lecture during National Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Kozhikode

Mr. Kartik Vaidyanathan, Founder, Free Energy shared his entrepreneurial story as a part of the on-going 2-day National E- Summit at IIM Kozhikode with the theme of “Redefining Entrepreneurship: More than starting up”.

Fresh out of IIM Ahmedabad, Mr. Vaidyanathan went on to work as a consultant at Bain and Company for three years. Tired of the daily rigmarole of making presentations and creating value for others’ businesses and not his own; he decided to give entrepreneurship a shot.

Just 5 months into implementing his B-plan, he had a beginner’s perspective to the experience of starting up a company and the difficulties it entails. Rather than just painting a bright picture of starting up a venture and sharing some of its perks like “getting to call yourself a CEO”, he shed light upon the struggle one has to face during the nascent phase. For the aspiring entrepreneurs, he had several tips and valuable advice to offer. He cautioned them not to be in a hurry to pursue an attractive idea and said that the key was to look at sectors which were experiencing a lot of growth.

Some of the important lessons he advocated were regarding the attitude that an entrepreneur should espouse. One should be ready to take failure in one’s stride and get motivated by small achievements which should act as fuel for striving harder for success. The talk also enlightened the renewable energy enthusiasts about the solar sector and the challenges the green energy sector faces today.

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