IIM Kozhikode Student M. Joel Modestus wins the prestigious Harvard Business Review / McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation

When one of our very215a own charters into foreign waters and wins something as prestigious as the Harvard Business Review / McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation, it once again proves the mettle and grit of the student at IIM K which we have been constantly reinforcing by excelling in every avenue we wish to explore. This achievement definitely adds another tinge of color and excitement to the laurels that IIM K community has been receiving. Let us take you through one such success story of M. Joel Modestus, a first year student at IIMK.

Every year Harvard Business Review and McKinsey in collaboration with ‘Management Innovation Exchange’ architect a challenge which is radical in the field of management. Management Innovation Exchange is the world’s first online open innovation platform for management started by Prof. Gary Hamel of London Business School and other management gurus. This year the challenge was ‘How to have leaders everywhere in an organization’.

All participants were expected to submit either a ‘story’ or a ‘hack’. Typically, a story is the one that crops from a real life experience of implementing a solution related to the challenge in your company, whereas a hack is an entirely original and new idea which hasn’t been subjected to any testing. The challenge was set in two stages – the first round and the finals. For the first round, he submitted a hack titled, “The 4 hat hack: How a micro change in your employee portal can yield mega results in Leadership”. Here, he had identified the 4 roles that leaders would like to play in an organization or in other words the 4 hats they would like to wear: 1. Visionary 2. Collaborator  3. Mentor and 4. Innovator. His solution talked about how to formally acknowledge employees in an organization by these 4 hats as virtual badges.

The results of the first round were declared on July 31 2013 and Joel was among the 18 finalists from around the world (Wow!). For the second round, he carried forth the momentum and further modified his entry. The deadline was August 30 2013 and the results were declared on September 28, 2013. As it may come as no surprise, Joel was one of the 9 winners from around the world and among the only 2 from India. The other winner from India is Mr. Lalgudi R Natarajan who is a director at Titan Industries.

The 9 winners are awarded the ‘Harvard Business Review/McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation. They are also invited for the MIX Mashup Event, an invite only event on Management Innovation next year to be held in New York.

It is a significant achievement and something that each and every one of us is proud of. Once again, on behalf of IIM- Kozhikode our heartiest congratulations to Joel for winning the prestigious Harvard Business Review / McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation.

Read the complete hack submitted by Joel here :  http://www.managementexchange.com/hack/4-hat-hack-how-micro-change-your-employee-portal-can-yield-mega-results-leadership-0

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