Horizons 2016: Lets go Mad over Marketing!

When IIC’s flagship event Horizons 2016 announced a marketing workshop, most people were probably anticipating more of Kotler and Porter and jargons and what not. Mad Over Marketing Co-founders Siddhant More and Wamika Mimani took the stage by storm instead, right from the word go! With Mad Over Marketing at their quirky best, how can you not go bananas?

MoM in action during Horizons 2016

MoM in action during Horizons 2016

Post all the gyan and all the more fun, we caught them for a little chit chat. Here’s what they had to say:

1.We’ve heard that MOM was born over a college fest and the intention was to generate marketing interest among students. Later on, it was launched in 2012. Tell us something more about how you took off.


Siddhant: So yeah, we had begun through a college fest. All of us, we were in the same

undergraduate college and were organizing a fest called “Inertia”. We wanted to publicize the fest

and so what we typically do is that we take to FB, put up posters, tag friends and so on and so

forth. We wanted to do something different. Now, this is back in 2012 and we thought why not

create a page where the audience talks about marketing in general and not talk about the fest at

all. Now whether that backfired for the fest or worked for us later on is a separate thing. The

name of the page was Mad over Marketing and after some time, people started asking us the dates

for mad over marketing (and not inertia). So we somehow decided to keep the page even after the

fest and it started gathering great following. Once you have great traffic, a lot of brands reach out

to you.


2.Siddhant, you’ve had strong affiliations with finance, you’re a CA and a CFA. Wamika, you too are a strategist now with BCG. Give us some more details as to how you people manage and contribute towards MOM.

MoM setting the stage on fire!

MoM setting the stage on fire!


Wamika: So I’ll talk about the first part. MOM was co-founded by five of us, all of whom have

ended up doing different things in life, which have nothing specific to do with marketing. We had

a common interest, even while doing that summit (fest) back then. Marketing as a theme,

specifically advertising, really appealed to us. It all started as a glorified hobby almost and we

were stubborn enough to pursue it, but not necessarily as a profession. So it’s just that we liked

doing it and of course, over time people started liking the content we posted.

Siddhant: In terms of doing things parallely, it’s all about wanting to do it. You just have to set

your priorities and you’ll always end up having time to do what you really want.


3.You’ve grown in leaps and bounds without resorting to “pushing” your product through to the customers. The advertisements or spams for MOM have been practically none. Isn’t that a marketing statement in itself?


Wamika: It’s actually a very conscious effort to keep it that way. We’ve never gone out saying

that this is Mad over Marketing and so on, neither in a direct nor in an indirect manner. The idea

has always been to just put out good content. The fundamental basis of MOM is sharing and

things going viral if they’re good. And thankfully, it’s worked for us so far.

Siddhant: Yeah, and also because the users don’t like it basically. All of us are consumers of

online content and for me, it isn’t pleasant to get a spam. It’s the same with the audience too.

The audience retorts with their quirkiness to keep the hosts ROFLing !

The audience retorts with their quirkiness to keep the hosts ROFLing !


4.Sticking to the niche without being monotonous is key and MOM has a wonderful mix of brains. Take us through all the brainstorming that goes into posting some content.


Siddhant: Let me be honest with you, there’s practically no brainstorming! If we like something,

we’ll write about it and put it up. It’s each individual’s call. We trust that if one of us finds it

interesting, there’ll be hundreds outside who’ll find it appealing too. But of course, at the end of

the day, you don’t want to put out bad stuff either.

Wamika: And it’s more of a break from our usual routine!

Siddhant: Yeah, so no domain specific inputs in particular. And at times we digress from

marketing as well. For example, we also spoke about the reactions to the AIB roast. Hence,

there’s no hard limit with respect to sticking to start-ups or branding or advertising. We post

anything we find pertinent and contextual. But we definitely keep tabs on the quality of whatever

is being posted so that it doesn’t turn out to be just another piece.

Wamika: It’s also about keeping it simple and not over-complicating things. You want to be

quick and talk about things that are relevant today. Being quick, in fact, is one of the biggest

challenges we face. You don’t want to put out something after everyone else has covered it.


5.MOM today is one of the most successful curators of business content on the web along with being crowd-sourced too. What factors would you attribute this success to?


Siddhant: There are primarily two things: the team and the masses; the masses because they keep

sending us a lot of content. Every other day, our mailboxes, websites and FB pages are full of

suggestions. And we are getting around 8-10 ad campaigns every single day which really helps

us. It’s virtually eyes out for us. The team: because everyone’s so different from one another.

Everyone brings in a new perspective. Someone, for instance, is good at coming up with a catchy

title; the other at analyzing an ad and so on.


Token of gratitude for winning all the hearts !

Token of gratitude for winning all the hearts !

6.IIM Kozhikode has a lot of aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs. What mantra would you give to them so that they can make it big?


Siddhant: Don’t listen to any mantra, that would be it!

Wamika: Pretty much sums it up I guess. But yeah, from an MOM perspective, the only story or

gyan we have is that if you really want to do something, you’ll find time and energy for it. The

way might not be that straightforward, may be slightly here and there, but if you want to do

something you really should. There’s always time for everything, we’re never actually short of it,

just need to manage it well.

MoM with Media Cell members Shakti and Tushar.

MoM with Media Cell members Shakti and Tushar.

Interviewed By: Shakti Shivam and Tushar Johri

Picture Courtesy: Vishaal Pathak

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