Horizons 2011 – Day Two

For Horizons 2011, day one ended on a high note with seasoned journalist Ashutosh Sinha of NDTV Profit and Suman Srivastava sharing their unique insight with the young audience. Speaking on innovative marketing Mr.Suman Srivastava opined that marketing as a subject still clings to outdated frameworks and models found in textbooks, developed for a different period. He insisted on the importance of internet as a powerful tool for the information age which saw an increasing trend towards individual customization. Mr.Ashutosh Sinha focused on the responsibilities of the media crucial and importance of credibility in news delivery. He consistently emphasized the failings of all entities that had chosen to treat people and profit on unequal terms because profit eventually comes from a long term association with people.

Day Two saw invaluable ideas shared by Anand Kurian, Director of Emphasis, Dr.P.Namperumalsamy of Aravind Eye Care and Anshu Gupta, Founder of award winning NGO ‘Goonj’. Mr. Anshu Gupta spoke passionately about clothing as a fundamental human need. In a moving presentation he impressed upon us our extraordinary disconnects with rural and semi-urban India.  He shared his experiences about building the unique organisation that he is a part and elaborated on its mission, purpose and his personal committment to the same. Mr. Anand Kurien, eloquently conveyed to us his conceptions of reality and what we need to learn beyond it. He emphasized the success of companies that chose to focus on the passion of its employees and quality of its product rather than focus on creating profits. Modelling mast of his talk on aspects of successful companies that adopted this strategy he drew connections and inferences from numerous philosophical sources to make his point. Dr.P.Namperumalsamy of Aravind Eye Care centered his talk on Aravind Eye Care’s much lauded sustainable eye care model for the masses. In emphasizing the same, he drew numerous and highly relevant parallels to the flagship theme of People, Planet and Profit. Aravind Eye Care commitment has allowed it to adopt a unique cross subsidy model that even permits access to the poorest and most remote areas of the country through mobile eye care centers. This model has gained such credibility that it has been discussed in the hallowed portals of management such as the Harvard Business School.

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