Hon’ble director conducts session for the faculty members of a regional school under the PRISM initiative

PRISM : Promoting Regional schools to International Standards through Multiple interventions


Dr. Debashis Chatterjee conducted an inspirational session for the faculty members of Nadakavu Girls High School, Calicut on 15th and 16th July 2013 as a part of PRISM project. Dr. Chatterjee who is author of many books on leadership spoke about leadership in school and role of teacher in the current scenario. He stressed on the teachers role in the success of a school, the changing role which a teacher is supposed to assume. The 12 hour session was scheduled from 9 AM till 9 PM. All the teachers including principals were part of the one of its kind session by the IIM Kozhikode director.

The PRISM acronym for Promoting Regional schools to International Standards through Multiple interventions is a project undertaken by Faizal and Shabana foundation to help Nadakavu Girls High School, Calicut to match international standards.  Faizal and Shabana foundation is a charitable foundation by Calicut born business magnate in Dubai Mr. Faizal Kottikollon. The infrastructural development of school is in its last stage. The inauguration of the first phase of the infrastructural development was inaugurated on 30th May by Faizal, Shabana and MLA Pradeep Kumar. Pradeep is also closely involved with this project since its inception. Recently the foundation has given charge to Dr. Joseph Sebastian to make the project a successful one. Dr. Joseph who has varied exposure is full time director of the project.

Few IIM K students under the guidance of Dr. Saji Gopinath are involved in developing measurable standards for the school. These standards will be used by the school to identify the key areas of development. Apart from the tangibles like infrastructure, the school definitely needs to develop on the intangibles. The IIM K students are also involved in development of intangibles for the school. Focus of Dr. Saji is to develop all the intangibles which will ensure that a student from Nadakkavu will have holistic development. He is focused equally on co-curricular, extra-curricular development of students.


The school has an ambitious plan of becoming the best school in India in the next 5 years. Considering the current situation of the school, the aid it is receiving from both Faizal and Shabana foundation and IIM K the goal seems to be within the reach.




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