Echoes 2016: Campus Princess with Koyal Rana

Echoes 2016: Campus Princess with Koyal Rana

Interview with Koyal Rana

Q- How has your stay been in IIM K so far?

It’s been great. It’s a beautiful campus all surrounded by hills n greenery. I haven’t got the chance yet  to look around but I do have plans to go for a round.

In conversation with Ms. Koyal Rana

In conversation with Ms. Koyal Rana

Q-You won the Miss India crown in 2014, henceforth how was the year 2014 for you?

It felt really great winning the crown as it really was a dream come true! Since then journey has been great. I was in 3rd year so after winning the pageant I just had one months to prepare for my exams. Afterwards I had some sponsor commitments and some appearances to make. It was quiet a fun journey and yes I also had prepare for miss world. So all of these kept me occupied.

Q- Tell us something about your experience with the most beautiful miss world ever Aishwarya Rai?

It was great meeting her, she has been the idol for so many girls and even now girls idolize her. She really is a very nice person.

Q-It has been long time since India has won the miss world crown. In your opinion where should we improvise so that the next crown is ours?

Any girl who represents her country gives her best. She has endless nights preparing for it. In a lot of competitions which were held there I did quite well in all of them and was ranked 1. You can’t really say what exactly is needed cause is if you see every year the winner is very different from the previous year. It depends a lot on the judges and on what they are looking for.

Q-You have been involved with several NGOs like Moksha foundation? How is that coming along?

I have worked with several NGOs like Pratham, Aarohan, Help Age India, UNDP etc. For Moksha we have reached our 2nd phase. We have also started sanitation for women wherein we are trying to provide sanitary pads to women at a very low price. We are students and there are other things also to take care of expanding is bit difficult.

Q-You are always smiling in all of your pics even during the photoshoot here, how difficult/ easy it is to be like that.

I would say I am just a happy person! Smile does make you look pretty!

Femina Miss India 2014 Koyal Rana

Femina Miss India 2014 Koyal Rana

Q- In most of the Indian families even now girls are not allowed to participate in beauty competitions. What message would you like to give to those families?

Even my family was not very supportive initially. When they agreed they convinced our relatives. So yes this still is a problem, but to start with miss world has taken off the bikini round. I have been trying my best throughout the year to convince the parents that it’s not just what you think it is. A girl gets so many opportunities, it gives her confidence, enhances her personality. With time it’s changing and I am sure it would reach greater heights and anybody interested would be allowed to participate.

Q-Any message to students of IIM K especially to girls to encourage them to come forward and participate in beauty pageants.

Well, I would say that it’s just a contest not the end. Treat it as women empowerment. Just go out there participate win not win come back and continue being a manager or an engineer. I want to be an entrepreneur and I am working towards it. Just be confident!

Ms. Koyal Rana with Media Cell members Ravi, Himalay and Shakti

Ms. Koyal Rana with Media Cell members Ravi, Himalay and Shakti

Interviewed by: Shakti Shivam and Himalay Reddy

Pictures: Ravi Mohan Bhola





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