Echoes 2013- the Annual Cultural Festival, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Echoes 2013- the Annual Cultural Festival Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

“ECHOES” is the name given to the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode’s annual cultural fest. Instated in 2011, it is an expression of the creativity and the cultural diaspora of IIM-K. During the three days of ECHOES (which is usually held in January or February), the campus is transformed into a buzzing hub of music, art, literature, drama and dance. With participants coming from different parts of the country, ECHOES has and is growing to be one of the largest cultural fests in Kerala.


No cultural fest is complete without a good Pro-night performance. In Echoes we have not one, but three pro-night performances. Last year, ECHOES’12 featured brilliant performances by Bollywood singer Neeraj Shridhar,  the rock band Thermal and a Quarter and fusion master Pandit Ajay Pohankar.

This year, ECHOES’13 goes a step further by introducing not one, but two Bollywood performances- Suraj Jagan and Anushka Manchanda. This year we also bring in one of the most popular Indian rock bands ever to hit the scene- Junkyard Groove!

Helping us put on this great show are our incredible sponsors including CBI (Title Sponsor), UBI (Associate Sponsor), Zella Diamonds (Fashion Show Sponsor), VNM Diamonds (Suraj Jagan Pro-nite Sponsor), Chingles( Junkyard Groove Pro-nite Sponsor), Fox Studios (Motion Picture Sponsor), Air India(Dream Airline Partner), Spykar (Style Partner) and Crown Cinemas (Entertainment Partners)


With the stakes being raised and the nights being made even more legendary, ECHOES’13 will surely witness the REBIRTH of a whole new level of cultural magnificence.

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