Dr. Satinath Sarangi – TEDx Speaker at IIM K

Dr. Satinath Sarangi- A Man of Steel

Almost Twenty five years have passed since a terrible disaster loomed the city of Bhopal in the late hours of 2nd Dec, 1984. And since then Dr Satinath Sarangi, a postgraduate in Metallurgical Engineering from IT BHU, has worked as well as campaigned relentlessly for the countless victims of one of the world’s biggest environmental catastrophe. He has literally kept the tragedy unforgotten and remains the primary contact for those who are concerned about the victim.

Honored by “The Week” as the Man of the Year- 2010, Dr Sarangi is the managing trustee of the Sambhavana Clinic, which provides the survivors of the disaster with free medical and community health care. Also he has been campaigning tirelessly for more adequate compensation and for the corporate culprits behind the human catastrophe to be brought to book.

Soon after the disaster, Sarangi was involved in establishing Zahreeli Gas Kand Sangharsh Morcha – the “Poisonous Gas Episode Struggle Front”, but he soon found that officialdom could be less than forthcoming and at times downright oppressive. He was less than anxious for the full and lethal extent of the poisoning to be made public. For this, Sarangi helped to set up the Bhopal Group for Information and Action. In 1989 he went abroad for the first time, visiting the US, Netherlands, Ireland and Britain to campaign against the settlement the Indian government was negotiating with Union Carbide, without consulting any of the victims. That settlement was struck at $470 million, which was about a seventh of the $3.3 billion the government had initially claimed – for more than half a million people.

Dr Satinath Sarangi also received an honorary degree from Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University in recognition of his immense contribution to social and moral justice. He also graced the occasion with a public lecture on ‘Bhopal 25 Years On – Corporate Crime and people’s Resistance’. He is definitely a man of Steel! We look forward to his presence at IIM Kozhikode.

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