Creating big and small differences to the society…

IIM-Kozhikode is known to be different from other B-schools, in its approach towards management education. It tries to inculcate a sense of social responsibility, in the minds of its diverse student pool. Students are given various opportunities to participate in programs that attempt to produce managers and entrepreneurs, who are sensitive to the society. One such platform is the ‘Mess workers Evening Classes’, where the students teach the mess workers. The students get an opportunity to showcase their social sensitivity which provides them with great satisfaction, apart from providing the mess workers an opportunity to get educated by some of the brightest minds of the country.

This is a part of the welfare projects for the staff at IIM Kozhikode and has been organized by the Social Service Group, of IIM-Kozhikode. Under this program, evening classes are held for the mess workers. The response received from PGP volunteers as teachers has been remarkable and their commitment to the cause has been unwavering. This has facilitated classes to be held thrice a week in four shifts to accommodate the timings of the Night Canteen and mess workers. The mess workers have been responding positively to the initiative, which can be credited to both, their enthusiasm, and the efforts of PGP students. Although the present syllabus includes only spoken and written English, it will be expanded to include Mathematics as the classes’ progress. IIM Kozhikode student community continues to look for such opportunities to create big and small differences to the society around them.

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