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Catch all the happenings from the E-Summit, the annual entrepreneurship summit of IIM Kozhikode

Workshop on “Innovation in Start-Ups” by Parvathi Menon during National Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Kozhikode

‘Give me a place to stand and I shall move the Earth’- Archimedes

These thought provoking words were quoted by Parvathi Menon, Founder, Innovation Alchemy while she conducted a workshop on ‘Innovation in start ups’ at IIM Kozhikode today as a part of the on-going E-Summit. Over her 15-year career in the corporate and entrepreneurial space, Parvathi has built a repertoire of knowledge in designing and implementing innovation solutions for corporate firms and she shared her journey and the lessons learnt from it with the audience.

From defining entrepreneurship to the motivation behind it, she crystallized the intangible aura that surrounds entrepreneurship. According to her, “Whatever drives to you to get through a single day of your life is what drives an entrepreneur too”. Laying stress on entrepreneurship with a purpose, she advocated the mantra -“Focus not just on an enterprise but on creating a relevant enterprise that potentially solves massive challenges and gaps.”

The first step for any entrepreneur should be to identify the gap that needs to be addressed and possess a burning desire to remove it. The second step is to build a model that addresses that problem in a significant manner after a thorough understanding of the problem.  She strongly urged budding entrepreneurs to “lift heavy weights” or in other words “make a big dent” and not just tackle problems on a small scale.

She also gave examples of successful entrepreneurial ventures and innovative business models such as Chaitanya Gurukul, a model for education in Bihar; Oorja which sells biomass based cooking stoves to rural homes, Sun King, Operation Asha and Akshay Patra.

Noted Entrepreneur Mr. Sanjay Anandram of JumpStartUp Venture Fund delivers lecture during National Entreprenurship Summit at IIM Kozhikode

Mr. Sanjay Anandram holds an MBA degree from IIM Bangalore and has an illustrious career of nearly two decades, as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, venture investor, mentor and angle investor to companies and early stage funds in the technology space. He is the founding member of JumpStartUp Venture Fund set up in 2000. He is currently the co-chair of the TiE Entrepreneur Acceleration Program and a Charter Member of TiE Bangalore. He is also involved with Nasscom, IIM Bangalore, INSEAD, Singapore as well as Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India in various capacities.

He engaged in a very candid session with the students. He started the session by showing a collage of influential personalities and explained what qualities an entrepreneur can draw from each of those personalities. He started with the example of Walt Disney and explained how imagination is important to the success of an entrepreneur. Likewise, he picked up each of the personalities on the screen like Mahatma Gandhi, Ray Kroc, Howard Schultz, Dr. Verghese Kurien, Charlie Chaplin and various others and emphasized on the qualities that these people had that helped them to make their mark. The essential qualities which emerged from the success stories of these personalities were perseverance, effective leadership, seizing the opportunity at the right time, collaboration and commitment.

He connected all of the personalities with one common trait: ‘passion’. Passion is the bedrock for any entrepreneur and by extension his venture to be successful. He should be able to challenge the status quo and that is how he can bring about change in lives of people. He also quoted Upanishad and said “you are what your deep driving desire is”. It is very difficult to take that leap of faith but one has to cross that hurdle to taste success. He concluded the session by saying that things can and will go wrong but one should not ‘outsource’ the blame and should own up to it, get up and start working towards achieving their dream again.

Ms. Rashmi Bansal, a best selling author and an entrepreneur delivers lecture during National Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Kozhikode

Ms. Rashmi Bansal, who is a writer, entrepreneur, youth expert and the proud author of four best-selling books on entrepreneurship, shared experiences from her life and hoped that it would resonate with the audience. Rashmi is the co-founder and editor of JAM (Just Another Magazine). She writes extensively on youth, careers and entrepreneurship on her blog Youth Curry. Rashmi is a columnist on popular Indian news portal and a regular contributor to India’s largest selling business magazine – Businessworld, where her articles generate extensive interest and debate.

During her lecture, Rashmi recounted her innate passion for writing and sending articles to newspapers. She made reference to the book “Outliers” and emphasized the fact that to succeed in any given field, one needs to put in at least 10,000 hours of practice. She envisaged upon the fact that having mere talent doesn’t imply that the door to success will open. One needs to have perseverance to pursue the goal. She agreed with the fact that not everybody wishes to be an entrepreneur. But it is extremely important to find something you love in the job that you do and then put your best in it. The value of a job is more important than the designation of the job. She advised the audience to choose a newly emerging field like energy, infrastructure, digital marketing and learn to deal with uncertainty. Rashmi believes that there is no right time to start except now. She affirms the notion that the younger, the better as there is more optimism and less baggage. She concluded the talk with her message of dreaming big, even if it sounds impractical or foolish. She recognizes that what mind can conceive and believe, the mind can surely achieve.

Mr. Kartik Vaidyanathan, Founder, Free Energy delivers lecture during National Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Kozhikode

Mr. Kartik Vaidyanathan, Founder, Free Energy shared his entrepreneurial story as a part of the on-going 2-day National E- Summit at IIM Kozhikode with the theme of “Redefining Entrepreneurship: More than starting up”.

Fresh out of IIM Ahmedabad, Mr. Vaidyanathan went on to work as a consultant at Bain and Company for three years. Tired of the daily rigmarole of making presentations and creating value for others’ businesses and not his own; he decided to give entrepreneurship a shot.

Just 5 months into implementing his B-plan, he had a beginner’s perspective to the experience of starting up a company and the difficulties it entails. Rather than just painting a bright picture of starting up a venture and sharing some of its perks like “getting to call yourself a CEO”, he shed light upon the struggle one has to face during the nascent phase. For the aspiring entrepreneurs, he had several tips and valuable advice to offer. He cautioned them not to be in a hurry to pursue an attractive idea and said that the key was to look at sectors which were experiencing a lot of growth.

Some of the important lessons he advocated were regarding the attitude that an entrepreneur should espouse. One should be ready to take failure in one’s stride and get motivated by small achievements which should act as fuel for striving harder for success. The talk also enlightened the renewable energy enthusiasts about the solar sector and the challenges the green energy sector faces today.

“Mumbai Dabbawallahs” demystified as National Entrepreneurship Summit kicks off at IIM Kozhikode

The 2nd National Entrepreneurship Summit, 2012 at IIM Kozhikode started off on a high note on October 27, 2012 with an inaugural lecture by Sri Raghunath Medge, President of the Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association famously known as the “Mumbai Dabbawallahs”. With the theme-Redefining Entrepreneurship: More than starting up”, the two-day summit promises to bring together ideas and resources from across the state that would boost budding entrepreneurs in their efforts to start a business. Organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIM Kozhikode, the summit will bring together renowned personalities from the entrepreneurial ecosystem including Mrs Rashmi Bansal , author of ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’, Mr. Kartik Vaidyanathan- Founder Free Energy and Mr. Sijo Kuruvilla-Founder, Start-up Village Kochi among others.

In his inaugural lecture, Sri Raghunath Medge spoke in detail about the unmatched efficiency with which the dabbawallahs collect nearly 2 lakh tiffin boxes from suburban homes in Mumbai every day and deliver them at their offices and factories at lunchtime. With a coverage area of 60-70 km and an average of 4 lakh transactions per day carried out by nearly 5000 dabbawallahs, Sri Medge had a quite a story to tell about the way the dabbawallahs operate. A unique coding system designed by Sri Medge himself ensures that each lunch box reaches its rightful owner in time with an error rate of 1 in 16 million. A high precision sustained for more than a century since 1890 when the trust was established has led to an award of six-sigma rating. Sri Medge though refuses to place the entire credit for this precision on the Dabbawallahs alone. “Four of those six sigmas are actually due somewhere else — two to the Mumbai trains and two to our cycles”, he said. He also touched upon the policy of strict disciplinary conduct for nearly 5000 Dabbawallahs where not wearing a cap or being absent without prior notice entails a fine of Rs. 1000. He concluded his talk with the brief snippets of the major achievements and milestones in the illustrious journey of the organization, most notable among them being the visit of Prince Charles and Richard Branson.

The Second National Entrepreneurship Summit 2012- IIM Kozhikode

Entrepreneurship Cell at IIM Kozhikode is proud to present the second National Entrepreneurship Summit to be conducted on October 27 & 28, 2012, with NEN Bangalore and Start-up Village, Kochi as Knowledge Partners.

The event is a two-day summit to bring together ideas and resources from across the state that would boost budding entrepreneurs in their efforts to start a business. This year, the event will focus specifically on the theme “Redefining Entrepreneurship: More than starting up”.

This year’s E summit has gotten bigger with a host of events: Speaker series, Workshops, Start up fair and an array of new competitions to promote and support entrepreneurial activities.

The 2nd National E Summit will include Speaker series and workshops by well known speakers like Sanjay Anandaram – Entrepreneur and Venture partner, Seed Fund,, Deepak Ravindran-Co Founder and CEO – Innoz Technology, KartikVaidyanathan- Founder Free Energy, Sanjay Vijayakumar-CEO – MobME Wireless Solutions and many other such successful entrepreneurs.

The competitions hosted as part of E Summit include Black Stallion– a Social entrepreneurship B Plan competition, Innovators’ Dais– an initiative to partner product innovators with the necessary skills to take their innovation to the market, Inno App– an innovative mobile application idea competition etc. The winning teams get incubation and mentorship support from Start up village apart from exciting cash awards. The high watermark of the event is the Start up fair which provides a platform to start up ventures, mentors and Venture Capitalists to interact and exchange ideas and opens up opportunities for successful partnerships. It also gives startups the invaluable opportunity to interact with the bright pool of talent at IIM K and select interested students for live projects in any field.

An Exclusive event for the startups called IdeaShare will also be held during the two day Summit, which shall serve as a platform to Ideate, network and solve business problems with brainstorming with peer startups and student community.

More details about the event can be found at Start ups interested in participating in start-up fair may contact the Entrepreneurship Cell- IIM Kozhikode at or may get in touch with Sowmya Ramanujam at +91-8943113286 or Gautam Shivaswamy at +91-8086904005.

Entrepreneurship Cell – IIM Kozhikode presents E-Summit 2012

E-Summit 2012 is a unique and novel idea which seeks to facilitate interaction between Venture Capitalists, seasoned & upcoming entrepreneurs, academia and students of B-Schools across the country. Centered on the theme “Redefining entrepreneurship: it is more than starting up, it is a state of mind!”, the summit will involve participation from esteemed business leaders and will be an opportunity for start-ups to access IIM Kozhikode’s talent pool. Visit more details

E-Summit @ IIM K

Entrepreneurship Summit offers a platform to develop long term mutually beneficial relationship with IIM Kozhikode and also an access to the best minds in the country to work for their organization.

The activities scheduled under the E-Summit include:

  • Startups recruiting IIM K students for live projects during summers
  • Fireside chat
  • Guest lecture by speakers
  • Mentoring workshops for startups
  • Networking dinner (speakers, company delegates, faculty members and students)

Gear up for online participation. For more information please visit: