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Catch all the happenings at Echoes, the annual cultural fest of IIM Kozhikode

Echoes 2016: Campus Princess with Koyal Rana

Echoes 2016: Campus Princess with Koyal Rana

Interview with Koyal Rana

Q- How has your stay been in IIM K so far?

It’s been great. It’s a beautiful campus all surrounded by hills n greenery. I haven’t got the chance yet  to look around but I do have plans to go for a round.

In conversation with Ms. Koyal Rana

In conversation with Ms. Koyal Rana

Q-You won the Miss India crown in 2014, henceforth how was the year 2014 for you?

It felt really great winning the crown as it really was a dream come true! Since then journey has been great. I was in 3rd year so after winning the pageant I just had one months to prepare for my exams. Afterwards I had some sponsor commitments and some appearances to make. It was quiet a fun journey and yes I also had prepare for miss world. So all of these kept me occupied.

Q- Tell us something about your experience with the most beautiful miss world ever Aishwarya Rai?

It was great meeting her, she has been the idol for so many girls and even now girls idolize her. She really is a very nice person.

Q-It has been long time since India has won the miss world crown. In your opinion where should we improvise so that the next crown is ours?

Any girl who represents her country gives her best. She has endless nights preparing for it. In a lot of competitions which were held there I did quite well in all of them and was ranked 1. You can’t really say what exactly is needed cause is if you see every year the winner is very different from the previous year. It depends a lot on the judges and on what they are looking for.

Q-You have been involved with several NGOs like Moksha foundation? How is that coming along?

I have worked with several NGOs like Pratham, Aarohan, Help Age India, UNDP etc. For Moksha we have reached our 2nd phase. We have also started sanitation for women wherein we are trying to provide sanitary pads to women at a very low price. We are students and there are other things also to take care of expanding is bit difficult.

Q-You are always smiling in all of your pics even during the photoshoot here, how difficult/ easy it is to be like that.

I would say I am just a happy person! Smile does make you look pretty!

Femina Miss India 2014 Koyal Rana

Femina Miss India 2014 Koyal Rana

Q- In most of the Indian families even now girls are not allowed to participate in beauty competitions. What message would you like to give to those families?

Even my family was not very supportive initially. When they agreed they convinced our relatives. So yes this still is a problem, but to start with miss world has taken off the bikini round. I have been trying my best throughout the year to convince the parents that it’s not just what you think it is. A girl gets so many opportunities, it gives her confidence, enhances her personality. With time it’s changing and I am sure it would reach greater heights and anybody interested would be allowed to participate.

Q-Any message to students of IIM K especially to girls to encourage them to come forward and participate in beauty pageants.

Well, I would say that it’s just a contest not the end. Treat it as women empowerment. Just go out there participate win not win come back and continue being a manager or an engineer. I want to be an entrepreneur and I am working towards it. Just be confident!

Ms. Koyal Rana with Media Cell members Ravi, Himalay and Shakti

Ms. Koyal Rana with Media Cell members Ravi, Himalay and Shakti

Interviewed by: Shakti Shivam and Himalay Reddy

Pictures: Ravi Mohan Bhola





Echoes 2016: A Musical Date with Nikhil D’ Souza

Interview with Nikhil D’ Souza

Q. If not a singer, what would you have been?

A. Difficult question, I tried many different things. I was a geologist, but I wouldn’t be doing it. I would rather work on my cooking skills and be a chef. A secured job is not my thing. It’s kind of being part of a system that’s very predictable, for me I just always want to break out of that. For me the kind of mental flow of this world is not about restricting yourself to a certain time frame of the day to be busy. It’s about expressing yourself more and more every day.

Q. Since you spoke about expressing yourself, so why do you restrict yourself to alternative rock and electric guitar pop, and not try other genres like Arijit Singh, Vishal Dadlani, Amit Trivedi etc?

A. I just do what I like doing and thankfully it has paid off so far.

Q. So can we expect anything like that from you maybe ten years later?
A. Yeah, maybe. I might be a different person then. I mean if I look back ten years back, I was a completely different person, I was a lot shyer, I wouldn’t be sitting here and give an interview. What I mean is, asking yourself the question where will I be five years from now I think is not always the right thing to do, because in doing so you kind of put a restriction on yourself saying that this is what I am going to be. And in doing so if you don’t get there, there’s a lot of disappointment that comes along. You should just be open to things that happen to you.


Q. Okay, so do you mean to say that we should not have expectations?
A. No, I should say that you should really work hard. A lot of people look at a rock star on stage and say I want to be that. So they look up to the final result and say that’s what I want. But they don’t see the (twenty) years of playing guitar and all the hard work. The people who get to that point are the ones who love the process. You look at a guy with a gym body and think I want to be that, but do you love the pain that comes with it? That guy does.


Q. How hard is it to write a song? As we know you are putting in a lot of efforts for song writing, and a singer related to self-written songs, how difficult is it being for you to do that?
A. On some days it is as easy as breathing and on some days it is really difficult, it is like you just can’t write a word. There are so many song writers who reach a writing block, they just reach the block and can’t write anything more. I face a lot of days like that too. But I find that when I go to America and I have someone I write with over there, we just click really well, there’s a real chemistry when we write and we come up with better songs every time we do that.


Q. What led you to take up a career in music?
A. There was no particular inspiration along the way. It’s just that it was the only thing that made sense after trying a whole bunch of things. You know, like you keep coming back to something, and sometimes you need someone to point that out to you. I remember while I was going ahead in the oil field industry, a good friend of mine took me aside and told me that maybe you should just do what you want to do.


Q. What would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?
A. 13, maybe!


Q. What is that one thing that separates you from the others?
A. The ability to really feel, the lyric


Q. How would you place yourself around singers like Arijit Singh, K mohan, Paapon, Amit Trivedi ?
A. I feel I am not as technically sound as most of them, they are definitely very well trained singers, but I have my moments too when I can sing a song better than some of them on some lines.


Q. Name some of your favourite female singers.
A. Some of my favourite female singers have been Neeti Mohan, Shilpa Rao. Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan are of course flawless. For me the ones I can really listen to, I think Shilpa Rao is someone who stands out.


Q. How have you liked our campus so far?
A. Oh it’s amazing! It looks like a resort and it’s a pleasant surprise to go to a room somewhere in this campus and it’s like a five star room.


Q. You liked the crowd?
A. Oh yeah! You saw what happened out there, it’s beautiful. It’s a good thing that it started off with everyone sitting down and then it was a different thing after what, half a song!


Q. Any message for all those people out there?
A. Enjoy this campus, enjoy your life here because it’s beautiful, it’s like being in Hogwarts or something. It’s a beautiful place to be in and these are great memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life. And the friends that you have here now are going to be there for the rest of your lives. Make great memories, that’s all I am going to say!
Interviewed by: Noel Roychoudhury



Echoes 2014 : Kaleidoscope – Beyond the spectrum

Echoes, the annual cultural festival of IIM Kozhikode with its theme of “Kaleidoscope – Beyond the spectrum” for its latest edition got every colour and every hue take a slide in the slopes of this campus making people spin around in its kaleidoscopic world.Untitled

The journey to Echoes 2014 kick-started with an epic launch event featuring famous electronic music artist Dualist Inquiry’s performance atop the Red Bull Tour Bus. This was followed by the launch of a national level online short film making competition ‘I Love Paani’ conceptualized and judged by the famous filmmaker, Shekhar Kapur. ‘Incaption’, an online caption writing contest, a t-shirt design competition based on Ravi Subhramanium’s book, The Incredible Banker and ‘Picture This’, an online photography contest respectively traced up the final route to Echoes 2014.

With more than 20 events spread over 3 days covering dance, music, fashion, drama, quizzing, art, literary & informal categories and the 3 Pronites featuring popular artists Sona Mohapatra, Band Agnee & Black Letters respectively, Echoes 2014 scaled new heights drawing in participation in huge numbers from colleges across the country.

Day 1

Echoes 2014 got a flying start with one of its highlight events “The General Quiz” hosted by quizmaster Arun Namboothri drawing in quizzers across ages while Surbhi & Utkarsh played host to the interesting MELA quiz. Running simultaneously to this was the Nikon Photography Workshop which gave the photography enthusiasts few tricks up their sleeves. Next in line was the rock band competition, Altar of Rock where the winning Band Sphagettify got a chance to be a part of Music Mojo on Kappa TV. Literary events got a start with the hosting of the echoes debate “The Argumentative Indian”. Day 1 came to a grand finish with a sensational performance by Agnee, which witnessed one of the most enthusiastic crowds singing in their tunes. This was followed by the promising rock band Black Letters, who got everyone on their feet, head banging to their tunes.

Day 2

The penultimate day of Echoes 2014 was jam packed with a wide range of events from solo vocals to India quiz to face painting, potpourri and other lit events. One of the main attractions of the day was the performance by famous singer Sona Mahapatra which saw one of the highest crowds ever on the campus. But, the night was not over yet, as ConcorDance the group dance event came next and saw huge number of teams fighting it out to secure a place in the next rounds of Hip Hop International.

Day 3

The final day of Echoes started with Toe Steppers, the solo/duet dance Competition. The highlight Theatre event Curtain Call blew everyone’s minds away with some sensational acting skills displayed by the participants. Echoes’14 came to a breathtaking close with ‘RampAge’, the fashion show. In addition to some gorgeous costumes and graceful ramp walks, the event reached new levels of creativity with themes in the like of Crimes against women, mafia, Greek and Roman Mythology, Nature’s gifts. The informal events ‘Crash n Burn’ (LAN Gaming) and the Red Bull Treasure Hunt saw active participation and enthusiasm from the crowd.

Echoes 2014 ended up with the promise of getting bigger and better next year!

Food Festival: A celebration of diversity on campus!

On 7th November the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode celebrated its 3ndAnnual Food Fest, a unique event to celebrate the richness of Indian culinary diversity. The occasion was graced by Mr. Shalin Kumar, Chef, Taj Gateway, Calicut, the honourable director Shri Debashish Chaterjee and Professor Anupam Das.

The future managers i.e. our own IIM K students put on their chef hats for a day and put in great effort and love to produce some of the most exquisite delicacies from all parts of India. From mouth-watering Chicken Kebab and Hyderabadi Biriyani to the sweet sensation of Ras Malai, the food fest had the guests and faculties licking their fingers.


The occasion was also marked by a splendid cultural night with beautiful dance performances by the school’s dance troupe Footvibes, who mesmerized the audience with their rendition of the diverse dance forms from North to South and from East to West. Krescendo, the college’s student band (music club) also gave an amazing performance showcasing the new and modern face of India and how beautifully it gets suffused with India’s heritage.

Last but not the least, the event that the students were eagerly preparing and waiting for was the performances by the different sections of PGP17. From heart-thumping dance performances to soul-rendering singing, the cultural night was a perfect side-dish to the delicious main course prepared by our students. pic2

Avinash Pant (Marketing Head, Nike India) reveals a marketer’s dream

DSC_0278mPower–Marketing Interest Group at IIMK, organized a guest lecture by Mr. Avinash Pant -Head, Marketing at Nike India. He is an IIM Ahmedabad graduate and has worked as Executive Director with Walt Disney and also as Director at Coca-Cola before joining Nike India.

He started the lecture by sharing his journey in the marketing domain so far with Coca-Cola, Disney and now Nike. He talked about Nike and its philosophies when it comes to marketing their products. He said that at Nike, they have always believed in innovation and thinking out of the box. Sports have been their main area of focus right from the beginning and that is why almost all the top athletes in the world are their endorsers. He mentioned in brief about Nike’s branding activities in India like Nike Run Club in Bombay and Bangalore, TCS World 10K marathon that it sponsors every year, its recently unveiled Indian national football team’s jersey among many others.

He then talked at length about various innovations that Nike has come up with like Nike+ FuelBand, a device that tracks daily physical activities along with the calories burned, or how Nike came up with the eccentric idea of colored studs for playing football while black was the only color people associated football studs with or FlyKnits, the ultra-light weight shoes for runners.

He also mentioned some of the key lessons every marketer should keep in mind while designing the strategies. ‘Know your consumer’, he said is the most important thing. He gave an example of how Coke came up with “Thanda matlab Coca Cola” campaign because it wanted to connect with the customers and change their perception of Coke being a sophisticated and elite brand. He also said that in marketing, ‘Less is more’, implying that you should not try to do all the things at once in which case you won’t be able to achieve anything. Your target group should be well defined and the entire positioning should revolve around that. Also, it is very important to realize that things are constantly evolving and therefore the brand must change its image accordingly.

He mentioned how marketing is both a science and as well as an art and how a bit of sense of humor is always appreciated giving example of an earlier Sprite ad making a mockery of the typical soft drinks ads aired during that time. He concluded by saying that whenever you come up with any campaign idea it is very important to ‘keep it real’ so that consumers relate to it in a better manner. In the end, mPower expressed gratitude to Mr. Avinash by presenting him a memento and thanked him for taking out time from of his busy schedule and conducting this guest lecture.

ECHOES’13, the annual cultural fest of IIMK, concludes on a high note

The much awaited and talked about ECHOES’13, the annual cultural fest of IIMK, concludes on a high note. The event was organized by Cultural Committee, IIM Kozhikode . It was a three-day extravaganza which took place on 25th–27th January, 2013. The theme chosen for the cultural festival this year was ‘Rebirth’ and the fest lived up to this theme in every way. This year Echoes’13 attracted a slew of sponsor including CBI (Title Sponsor), UBI (Associate Sponsor), Zella Diamonds (Fashion Show Sponsor), VNM Diamonds (Suraj Jagan Pro-nite Sponsor), Chingles (Junkyard Groove Pro-nite Sponsor), Fox Studios (Motion Picture Partner), Crown Cinemas (Entertainment Partners), Spykar (Style Partner), Air India (Dream Travel Partner), Kadavu (Hospitality Partner) and IPIX Solutions (Website Partner).

ECHOES'13, the annual cultural fest of IIMK, concludes on a high note Before Echoes, two competitions were held, namely the movie Quiz conducted at Crown Cinema and the Echoes Photo Caption competition by Malayala Manorma. Both the competitions witnessed participation of over 300 people from Calicut City

The first day of Echoes ’13 kickstarted with the solo dance competition- Toe Steppers. The day proceeded with a mix of events ranging from arts to literature and entertainment including the hot favourite Dumb-charades. The evening was marked by an epic battle of the bands ‘The Altar of Rock’. Amongst the bands that participated, including NIT Calicut’s ‘Vitamin G’, the competition was stolen by the spectacular performance by the band ‘Gluee’. The night was made magical by the spectacular group dance performances in ‘ConcorDance’. The crowd was enchanted by the performances of troupes from NIT Calicut, NIFT, Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) among others.  However, MIT with two entries in the event won both the first and runners-up position.

ECHOES'13, the annual cultural fest of IIMK, concludes on a high note The second day saw an even greater turnout in events like the General Quiz, Argumentative Indian- the debating contest and ‘Bittersweet Symphony’- the solo singing contest. By evening, the participants were running around all over the campus in search of the next clue as a part of the ‘Treasure Hunt’ event.  The biggest attraction of the day was the live performance by Suraj Jagan.  He enthralled the crowd with a rocking performance by singing youthful and popular numbers and ended the performance with his most popular song ‘Give me some sunshine’ from the movie ‘3 idiots’.

ECHOES'13, the annual cultural fest of IIMK, concludes on a high note

‘Curtain Call’, the theatre competition, marked the start of the third and the final day of Echoes ‘13.  From comedy to serious drama to current issues, everything was portrayed beautifully by some brilliant performances by the participants. The third day of the festival witnessed not one, but three mega events which started with the performance by the amazing Indian rock band ‘Junkyard Groove’. Following which the night was brought alive by a riveting ‘Bollywood-nite’ performance of the popular Bollywood playback singer Anushka Manchanda. The final act of the fest was the fashion show contest- Rampage. With huge prize money on stake, this was perhaps the most awaited event, hence, appropriately tagged as the ‘showstopper’ event. A diamond ring was given to the most Glamorous Diva on stage by the sponsors Zella Diamonds

Suraj Jagan @ Echoes 2013

A one-on-one talk with Suraj Jagan

A one-on-one talk with Suraj Jagan : Suraj Jagan gives an interview to Media Cell before his electrifying performance during Pro-Nite at Echoes 2013
A one-on-one talk with Suraj Jagan
Q. Welcome to IIM Kozhikode, Mr. Jagan. How has your experience been in Kozhikode so far?

A. So far it’s been a great experience. We went boat riding yesterday and loved it. Kerala is a beautiful place especially coming from a city like Mumbai. The food here’s great too. I’ve been to Goa lots of times and it’s similar, but not as green as Kerala.

Q. How do you like our IIMK campus? We call IIMK “God’s own ‘K’ampus”. Do you think it lives up to that name?

A. It’s a beautiful campus! It’s quite unlike any other campus. Yes, it has everything to live up to its name. You students are really lucky. I don’t know how much you can enjoy it because of your study pressure, but it’s really beautiful, on top of a hill in the midst of the greenery.

A one-on-one talk with Suraj Jagan Q. Everyone is looking forward to your performance tonight. What are your expectations from the IIMK crowd?

A. I’ve only performed one show in Calicut- at NIT. It was amazing in terms of crowd response, and also in terms of the sound. Everything was great. The crowd was one of the most amazing crowds I’ve seen. So if it’s anything like that I’ll be more than happy.

Q. What is your favourite song and is there any specific reason for that?

A. It’s very difficult to pick out a single favourite song. But there are certain songs which have stayed with me through the years. Out of my own songs, Sadka Kiya is my favourite because I really like the melody. Even if someone else had sung it, it would have been my favourite. Of international songs, I 3 favourites- ‘29 Palms’ by Robert Plant, ‘Sleeping Satellite’ by Tasmin Archer, and ‘Baker Street’ by Gerry Rafferty. There is also ‘Until the End of the World’ by U2. However they haven’t influenced my music that much, like Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin, etc have.

As for why I like these songs, I really can’t point out the exact reason. There is something in the songs which takes me back to a place… almost like déjà vu but not quite. It almost feels like a past life connection. I’ve never really thought about it till now that you’ve mentioned. I need to think more about it.

Q. You have been in the music industry for over 2 decades now. How has your journey been?

A. To be precise I’ve been singing since 1987. The film industry happened to me later though. I have always wanted to be part of a rock band. I didn’t have any other aim. But it was a tough thing maintaining rock bands. For example, the old members kept going out and new members kept coming in, till I realized that I was the only founding member of the band left and would have to dissolve it or change the name since there would be any point of keeping the original band name anymore. So this way I have been in a lot of bands.

But then the Hindi Music Industry happened to me. I started getting offers for doing solo songs, and in a way this has worked out for me. My dream never was to get in to the film industry. What really mattered to me was to have a band, perform in front of an audience and most importantly, write songs. I was happy doing that. But my break in the film industry happened as a consequence of that. I started off with advertisement jingles.

Competition with other musicians never mattered to me. Only my passion for song writing mattered. But in the late 1990’s a challenge I faced was that people weren’t open to original songs. We were booed on the stage. Things have however changed now. My last band ‘Dream out Loud’ creates and performs only original songs.

What I really love is to see the crowd enjoy themselves. For me, the crowd comes first and then the performance. I don’t like to see the crowd sitting down during my concert. In a rock concert if you sit, you just don’t get it.

Q. How has the music industry in India changed over the years? What about opportunities for independent musicians?

A. The film industry has just woken up to rock music. The credit goes to Farhan Akhtar and his film ‘Rock On’. It gave me my first opportunity to do hard core rock songs for a film. This opened up many people’s eyes to rock music. Everyone immediately connected. A. R. Rehman had done it before- that way South India was more advanced. It took time to reach Film City.

There are many young people coming into the industry and that’s changing the face of music. The thing is the crowd for this kind of music always existed but were subdued. Someone just had to take the chance and Farhan did that. This way the rock scenario evolved. So you see, acceptance of original compositions came late because the audience was starved. In those days they only had Doordarshan and the only way they could listen to rock music was through pirated cassettes. So in live concerts they wanted to hear only that. Now that they have greater exposure to all kinds of rock music they are open to new, original compositions.

As for opportunities for independent musicians, honestly, you need to have rich parents, otherwise it’s hard to survive in the industry doing it all on your own. In India, only a small fraction of bands, even popular ones, get paid enough to survive or paid at all for their gigs. In the US or UK the initial struggle for start-up bands is high, but once the band becomes popular, even if it’s only in its own town, there is hope. It has been very difficult for me without any kind of support system. I went broke. But that’s how I got in. I’m hoping things will change. One has to depend a lot on luck.

I’ll give the example of Woodstock. It was all about passion, not about money. This doesn’t exist now. Everyone’s caught in a rat race in this dog-eat-dog world. You can’t convince anyone that you’ll be able to survive doing something creative. But if you have the single minded passion for it, you will survive.

A one-on-one talk with Suraj Jagan
Q. Your Hutch jingle is considered an iconic achievement in the Indian advertising industry and it has become one of your most recognized tunes. Did you expect that it would become so popular? What was your inspiration behind it?

A.No I definitely didn’t think it would become so famous. I usually don’t think about whether a song I perform will become famous or not. I just go and sing. I used to hold lots of expectations before, but have been disappointed, so I’ve grown immune to it now. I don’t expect anything anymore. But I loved the Hutch song and video. They will always stay with me.

I didn’t have any such inspiration for it. See, no one can ever predict which song will become a hit. It was composed by Rupert Fernandes and I just sang it. They tried 6 other singers before me. When you go to sing jingles it happens too fast to be inspired by anything- it takes only about an hour. But you could say that that video with the boy and his pug inspired me the most.

Q. How do you think marketing and brand management have helped the song become famous?

A. Yes it definitely helped the Hutch song especially since nowadays people have too many choices. No one has the time to hear everything. But there are exceptions. For example, ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’ was hardly marketed as compared to ‘Zoobie Doobie’ and ‘Aal Iz Well’. But it was a song which really connected with the youth, especially engineers. It’s a very simple song and became a hit on its own. I like it when that happens, because I don’t like thrusting my songs on people, like “Like it or hate it, but you will know it”. In fact most of my songs, except ‘Dil Dharakne Do’, have not been promoted.

Many students in IIMK want to be entrepreneurs and start up something on their own. As an independent musician, what advice would you give someone starting his/her individual journey?

Like I mentioned before, you should be full of passion for what you are doing. Don’t be afraid of failing. You will fail only when you give up. Only if your fire, your passion grows bigger than you will you keep drilling till you get there. And most importantly, you should know what you want in life. If you have the slightest doubts or questions about what you’re doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it. You might not go after your dream out of fear. What you want may not be practical but you have to let go of that fear.

Every time I am faced with a choice, I ask myself if I am taking my decision out of fear. If the answer is yes, I go for the other, more courageous step no matter how foolish.

Thank you so much Mr. Jagan for your time. We hope you have an excellent experience here. We are looking to your stellar performance tonight.

Echoes 2013- the Annual Cultural Festival, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Echoes 2013- the Annual Cultural Festival Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

“ECHOES” is the name given to the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode’s annual cultural fest. Instated in 2011, it is an expression of the creativity and the cultural diaspora of IIM-K. During the three days of ECHOES (which is usually held in January or February), the campus is transformed into a buzzing hub of music, art, literature, drama and dance. With participants coming from different parts of the country, ECHOES has and is growing to be one of the largest cultural fests in Kerala.


No cultural fest is complete without a good Pro-night performance. In Echoes we have not one, but three pro-night performances. Last year, ECHOES’12 featured brilliant performances by Bollywood singer Neeraj Shridhar,  the rock band Thermal and a Quarter and fusion master Pandit Ajay Pohankar.

This year, ECHOES’13 goes a step further by introducing not one, but two Bollywood performances- Suraj Jagan and Anushka Manchanda. This year we also bring in one of the most popular Indian rock bands ever to hit the scene- Junkyard Groove!

Helping us put on this great show are our incredible sponsors including CBI (Title Sponsor), UBI (Associate Sponsor), Zella Diamonds (Fashion Show Sponsor), VNM Diamonds (Suraj Jagan Pro-nite Sponsor), Chingles( Junkyard Groove Pro-nite Sponsor), Fox Studios (Motion Picture Sponsor), Air India(Dream Airline Partner), Spykar (Style Partner) and Crown Cinemas (Entertainment Partners)


With the stakes being raised and the nights being made even more legendary, ECHOES’13 will surely witness the REBIRTH of a whole new level of cultural magnificence.

Echoes 2012 – Overview


Echoes 2012, the Annual Cultural Festival of The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) concluded on the 15th of January, 2012. This premier event, captioned ‘The Big Bang’ was conducted by the Cultural Committee of IIM Kozhikode with exciting events spread over three days. The event’s title sponsor is the Central Bank of India and associate sponsor is Union Bank of India. This year’s edition saw participation from undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the country.

The bundle of events was diverse and highly challenging. Literary events such as Mo(s)tley Lit, Wordly Pleasures, Gab-berish and Argumentative Indian laid challenges to those fervent fans of the English language who could think on their feet. While the two Quizzes teased the participants’ brains, creative events such as Wall’s Treat, Toe Steppers and Hill Top Jam celebrated ideas and expressions. Fun contests such as the virtual gaming contest Crash n Burn, Tresure Hunt and A Night on Tiles saw an encouraging turnout and ethusiastic participation.

The flagship events began with NIFT, Kannur and NIT, Calicut grabbing the top two places at ConcorDance, the group dance extravaganza, which gave away prizes worth Rs. 30000 to the winners. Concordance was judged by renowned international performer and choreographer George Jacob and Neha Gupta who helped the students learn some cool moves at the Salsa and Bachata dance workshop. Workshops on photography and digital film making were also conducted. Curtain Call – the stage play contest, brought out the creative best among the budding playwrights. In this event, with prizes worth Rs.28000 to be won, NIT Calicut emerged victorious with their moving play about the perils of the rural Kerala and IIM Kozhikode bagged the second position for its offbeat offering. The Altar of Rock – the semi pro rock band face-off was topped by the Kochi based band ‘Black Letters’ which bagged prizes worth Rs. 37,500. Ramp-age – the fashion show was won by the team from IIM Kozhikode for their traditional Kerala themed display with MIT, Manipal close at their heels with their funky party themed show.

 Amongst the special performances were ‘India Nite’, which featured famed Indian classical musician and practicioner of the Kirana Gharana style, Pandit Ajay Pohankar. Neeraj Shridar, the Bombay Vikings frontman enthralled the audience with popular movie numbers on the ‘Bollywood Nite’. Thermal and a Quarter rocked their way into the audience hearts and held them captive which their unique music during ‘Rock Nite’.The central event on the final day was the stirring talk by Oscar and National award winning sound wizard Resul Pookutty who shared his views on importance of education and finding one’s own identity against the odds. Mr. Pookutty’s rags to riches story of going from humble origins to global recognition inspired the students.

Echoes 2012 was a grand success and ‘The Big Bang’ is only poised to return bigger next year.


Echoes 2012 – Rocks on

The second day of Echoes 2012 – the big bang, the Annual Cultural Festival of the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) kept up the momentum it gained on its fantastic opening day. The Cultural Committee of IIM Kozhikode organizing the event left no stone unturned to up the fun factor.

The day saw events ranging from word games to theater and many more. Competitions such as such as Wordly Pleasures and Gab-berish laid challenges to those fervent fans of the English language who could think on their toes. Toe-Steppers, the solo/duet dance competition saw MIT Manipal grab the top honours, closely followed by IIM Kozhikode. The grand event of the day Curtain Call – the stage play contest, it brought out the artistic best in the participating teams. The plays won over all audience and proved that theatre never goes out of fashion. In this event with prizes worth Rs.28000 to be won, NIT Calicut emerged victorious with their moving play about the perils of the poor and IIM Kozhikode bagged the second position for its offbeat offering.

As fun events such as Treasure Hunt and A Night on Tiles kept the students busy, the best was reserved for the evening – the Bollywood Night that featured popular film music vocalist and member of the band Bombay Vikings Neeraj Sridhar who enthralled the audience by belting out contemporary bollywood hits. The spunky singer and his team kept the audience on their toes and dancing to their tunes. The events of day two have only left the participants of echoes wanting more from day three, the final day of Echoes, which promises events such a Altar of Rock- Semi-pro rock band competition, Ramp-age – fashion show, along with a rock performance by Thermal and Quarter and a talk by Oscar winning Resul Pookutty. The big bang just got bigger.