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Our students are our biggest assets and we celebrate their achievements

Sangram ’13 – 15th to 17th November

After breaking sweat and shouting war cries over three days, IIMK this year with a glint of dignity and a splendid show had to give away the trophy to the winners of Sangram’13, IIMB. With a glorious turnaround where last year IIMK won 7 gold medals against IIMB’s 14 to this year’s 9 vs. IIMB’s 10, IIMK seems to have been the biggest winner after IIMT which also managed to bag 2 golds. Already evident in the K-air is a steely resolve to reclaim the oh-so-closely lost glory with students being heard planning for the next year’s Sangram in night canteens and hostel landings. S1 The three day sports war between the B-school giants:  IIMK, IIMB and IIMT saw unmatched intensity and spirit of student community with people cheering & jeering to shaking hands & even hugging their rivals. Extending over myriad sport activities like volleyball, throw ball, football, cricket, tennis, table tennis, chess etc along with last year’s additions of Hockey and Kho Kho, the whole event gave a chance to the sports freaks to stretch their muscles and flaunt their flair. With the end of mid-terms, Sangram was served as a feast for the tired and exhausted IIMK crowd that relished the carnival in full vigor. With clean sweeps in carrom, chess, swimming and football, the medal tally already had brought IIMK far ahead of IIMT and neck to neck with IIMB. However it maybe was just IIMK’s bad day that saw marginal defeats in men’s basketball and Pool that turned the medals tally in IIMB’s favor.

All in all, IIMK left a mighty impression and significant intimidation in the eyes of all. With the grounds in top shape, to excellent mess food facility, decent accommodation for almost 300 extra students and lush green and refreshing campus- IIMK has lived up to its brand value. The new girl boy ratio seems to have improved the skills as well as the spirit of the IIMK’s sports community with girls and boys flocking the ground perimeters in equal numbers to support their alma mater in their shrillest voices. The culmination of the event was even more magnificent with Redbull’s tour bus approaching IIMK’s grounds just after the closing ceremony giving the players another reason to groove and celebrate. Hoping for IIMK to push the boundaries and emerge numero uno in Sangram’14 that will be taken over by IIMB.


Sangram – the inter-IIM sports war, 2013

With three days of hard work by the Sportscom beginning with a torch relay from the Arjuna Path, Sangram 2013 ended on an enthusiastic note on the evening of November 17th, 2013. A medal tally for the festival is as displayed below. Detailed reports for the three days shall follow in this space soon! Stay tuned!


When the media cell interviewed some of the players from the three participating institutes, we found that though competition was primary among them, their sportsman spirits far outweighed any rivalry of sorts. With Kho-Kho, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton and a variety of other sports, participants  agreed that the level of competition had risen, and so had their expectations. In comparison to Sangram 2012, they found the inter-IIM sports war this year to be well scheduled, and praised the Sportscom at IIM Kozhikode for its efficiency. As this festival goes off the checklist, the three institutes now await Sangram 2014!

For the interview video, click here :

IIM Kozhikode Student M. Joel Modestus wins the prestigious Harvard Business Review / McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation

When one of our very215a own charters into foreign waters and wins something as prestigious as the Harvard Business Review / McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation, it once again proves the mettle and grit of the student at IIM K which we have been constantly reinforcing by excelling in every avenue we wish to explore. This achievement definitely adds another tinge of color and excitement to the laurels that IIM K community has been receiving. Let us take you through one such success story of M. Joel Modestus, a first year student at IIMK.

Every year Harvard Business Review and McKinsey in collaboration with ‘Management Innovation Exchange’ architect a challenge which is radical in the field of management. Management Innovation Exchange is the world’s first online open innovation platform for management started by Prof. Gary Hamel of London Business School and other management gurus. This year the challenge was ‘How to have leaders everywhere in an organization’.

All participants were expected to submit either a ‘story’ or a ‘hack’. Typically, a story is the one that crops from a real life experience of implementing a solution related to the challenge in your company, whereas a hack is an entirely original and new idea which hasn’t been subjected to any testing. The challenge was set in two stages – the first round and the finals. For the first round, he submitted a hack titled, “The 4 hat hack: How a micro change in your employee portal can yield mega results in Leadership”. Here, he had identified the 4 roles that leaders would like to play in an organization or in other words the 4 hats they would like to wear: 1. Visionary 2. Collaborator  3. Mentor and 4. Innovator. His solution talked about how to formally acknowledge employees in an organization by these 4 hats as virtual badges.

The results of the first round were declared on July 31 2013 and Joel was among the 18 finalists from around the world (Wow!). For the second round, he carried forth the momentum and further modified his entry. The deadline was August 30 2013 and the results were declared on September 28, 2013. As it may come as no surprise, Joel was one of the 9 winners from around the world and among the only 2 from India. The other winner from India is Mr. Lalgudi R Natarajan who is a director at Titan Industries.

The 9 winners are awarded the ‘Harvard Business Review/McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation. They are also invited for the MIX Mashup Event, an invite only event on Management Innovation next year to be held in New York.

It is a significant achievement and something that each and every one of us is proud of. Once again, on behalf of IIM- Kozhikode our heartiest congratulations to Joel for winning the prestigious Harvard Business Review / McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation.

Read the complete hack submitted by Joel here :

IIM Kozhikode emerges winners in three categories at Manthan

IIM Kozhikode emerged as a star performer in the National level competition, ‘Manthan’, organized by Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), which saw a participation by other IIMs, XLRI, NLSU and several eminent institutes. Manthan, a nationwide youth-centric competition, aimed to come up with innovative solutions to 14 critical challenges that India faces in today’s age. A unique opportunity for the youth to help set the agenda for the 2014 General Elections, the competition was launched on July 13th, 2013 with the aim of engaging 1 crore students directly and 9 crore indirectly.

Leaders from the two principal national political parties, Shri. Narendra Modi, Shri. Arun Jaitley, Shri. N Chandrababu Naidu and Shri Ram Jethmalani, and thought leaders from various other domains came together at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi on October 2nd, 2013 where the ideas of those shortlisted were presented, and adjudged. The winners of the competition have a chance to claim prizes worth INR 50 lakhs and intern under well-known policymakers from the different domains of politics, social services, and the like.

Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), a not-for-profit organization, aims to build a substantive and purposeful collaboration with various establishments in the country and to engage the common mass in a movement to strengthen accountable governance in India. As an organization it is focuses on educating, engaging and empowering fellow citizens about the need to discuss, debate and define issues that bring about strong governance.  CAG comprises of over 50 full time volunteers from different parts of India and 100 part time volunteers who are remotely associated with the group.

IIM Kozhikode once again proved its mettle towards social cause – three teams from the institute KochandcoIIMK, Highlanders and Suraj emerged as winners in  for the themes of  ‘Enhancing the quality of Primary Education’,  ‘Realizing the growth potential of North-East’ and ‘Universalizing the access of quality primary healthcare’, respectively. IIM Kozhikode is the only institute of which three teams emerged as winners in their respective categories, thus raising the bar for the others participating in the event. Manthan successfully ensured an increased participation of the youth towards the current political issues in India, and ‘churned out’ a solution to the fourteen issues it had chosen on the basis of online responses and expert inputs on various social media platforms. Continuing with such initiatives, CAG plans to ensure the future of India in liable hands.

IIM Kozhikode alumnus publishes his first book ‘Namak Swadanusar’


Namak swadanusar Namak Swadanusar 

A collection of tales ranging from childhood fantasies to exploring the darkness of human existence, tales that will make you nostalgic, that will tell your story, that will shock you and those, that will take you to your favorite places. Guiding these tales are a motley group of characters ranging from a side hero who day-dreams about Mithun and Bacchan, to kids who believe in the reality of Nagraj, Ajooba and Super Commando Dhruv.

 Namak Swadanusar’ as the name suggests will add salt to your palate and increase the taste of your literary collection.


About the author, Nikhil Sachan

It might sound convenient to call Nikhil an engineer from IIT BHU or perhaps a manager from IIM – Kozhikode. However, these days he is a consultant by ‘Occupation’ and a writer by ‘Choice’. His childhood was spent in Kanpur and presently he lives in Gurgaon (call it an occupational hazard). He has lived a few chapters of his life in the City of Lights and God’s own Country too.

Nikhil says that the stories of ‘Namak Swadanusar’ came to him the same way a fever hits you. And the cure for this fever was putting these stories to paper. And whenever, writing a story couldn’t help lowering the temperature, he found solace in writing plays and poems. During his college life in Banaras and Kozhikode, he wrote, directed and acted in various plays.

These days, he is busy romancing life through his poems, plays and stories.

Find out more about the book and the author from the following page


Student Winners @K: Bschool Competitions, 2011

Organizers Event name Position Team Members
SCMHRD Avalon Consulting Athena Polias  Runners up Ankit Kumar , Jatin Bhagat
IIMK Backwaters  Chennai Super Kings Whistle Podu  National Finalist Chethan Shriyan, Monica Pachori, Anuj Gupta
IIMK Backwaters  NABARD Rural Nirmaan  National Finalist Priyankar Biswas, Preethi R S, Raina Burbure
IIFT Quo Vadis Inceptum  Winners Priyankar Biswas, Preethi R S, Pallavi Kumar, Yogiraj Khire
IIM I Ahvan Finalist (Top 3) Sagar Khairnar, Nitish Chandra
SIBM Bangalore Branded (Marketing), SIBM Bangalore Winner Anuj Gupta, Vertika Pankaj, Ranjan Panda
IFMR Bramhastra, Abhyudaya, IFMR Second Anuj Gupta, Vertika Pankaj
IFMR Bramhastra, Abhyudaya, IFMR Third Rahul Panwar and Abhishek Gour
IFMR Niyukthi, Abhyudaya IFMR Finalist Tirthankar Saha
IIMK 13th Annual Convocation of IIMK Gold Medal for FIRST place in Scholastic Performance Turakhia Sudeep Hemant
IIMK 13th Annual Convocation of IIMK Gold Medal for SECOND place in Scholastic Performance. Shivam Nayak
IIMK 13th Annual Convocation of IIMK Gold Medal for THIRD place in Scholastic Performance Love Sharma
IIMK 13th Annual Convocation of IIMK Gold Medal for Best All Round Performance. Hegde Santosh Rathna Varma
IIMK 13th Annual Convocation of IIMK Gold Medal for Best All Round Performance. Rashmi Gupta
IIPM, Bhubaneswar Guest Session Guest of Honor 2011 Sabyasachi Mahapatra
Arya School of Management and Information Technology (ASMIT), Bhubaneswar ASMIT Foundation day Distinguished Speaker invitation Sabyasachi Mahapatra
IIMK Executive Education Specialization Certificate Programmes Certificate Awarding Ceremony Gold Medal in General Management Bhagawatgeeta Seshadri
IIMK Executive Education Specialization Certificate Programmes Certificate Awarding Ceremony Gold Medal in Strategic Management Bharat Chaudhary
IIMK Executive Education Specialization Certificate Programmes Certificate Awarding Ceremony Gold Medal in Operations Management Sarvesh Mehrotra
IIMK Executive Education Specialization Certificate Programmes Certificate Awarding Ceremony Gold Medal in Marketing Meena Goel
IIMK Executive Education Specialization Certificate Programmes Certificate Awarding Ceremony Gold Medal in Finance Siba Prasad Rath
MDI MDI Cognizant Case study- Cerebro Winners Akshay Jadhao and Sneha Ramteke
MDI MDI Jindal Steel & Power- Abhay Top 6 Anuj Gupta, Dhaval Thakkar, Saurabh Gupta
IIMB Mahindra War Room Campus runners up Sumedha Sobti, Dhaval Thakkar, Chetna Sharma, Madhukar Anand
IIMB IIMB Vista Numero Uno Winner Ashok Prasad
IIMB IIMB TAS Excelsior Winner Varun Bajaj
IIMA IIMB Vista Vidheyak Winner Sumedha Sobti, Sneha Choudhry, Prachi Chawla
NMIMS IIMA Confluence King of Ads Runners up Anuj Gupta, Hersh Kenkare, Mangesh Patil
XLRI NMIMS Sigma Quant Runners up Abhijeet Yadav, Asmitaa Kumar
XLRI XLRI Ensemble Banker’s Dilemma Finalists Mayank Bhandari, Krishnan V
IIMA XLRI Ensemble Social B- Plan Finalist Reuben Philip Abraham
NITIE IIMA Confluence – TAS Altius Finalists Shalina Bhatia
JBIMS NITIE Prerana TacTix Winners Amoy Kumar Dutta, Shantanu Kanhe
NITIE JBIMS Prayag MarkShaala Finalists Frincy Clement, Sravya Shakuntala, B. Sneha John
MICA NITIE Top Summer project contest Finalists Varun Bajaj
IIMI MICA Third Eye IIMI Ahvan Finalists Pooja Yadav, Gautham
IMT IMT Croissance Finalists Kavitha Jayaram, Pooja Yadav, Gautham
XLRI XLRI Ensemble Helios Finalists Santanu Chowdhury, Vinay Prabhu, Vishal Shitut
MICA MICA Cultify Finalists Anuj Gupta, Mangesh Patil, Vinay Prabhu
MICA MICA – SBI Bank On Us Finalists Rahul Kattayil, Shathanu Chaudhary, Vishal Shitut
IIFT IIFT Model WTO Finalists Rahul Kattayil, Tirthankar Saha, Shanthanu Chaudhary
IIMI IIMI Ahvan Adapt Finalists Anuj Gupta, Mangesh Patil
MICA MICA – MICANVAS Finalists Anuj Gupta, Vinay Prabhu, Mangesh Patil
JBIMS JBIMS Prayaag B-Social Finalists Anuj Gupta, Vertika Pankaj
IIMB IIMB Vista Chakravyuh Finalists Anuj Gupta, Isha Nag, Dhaval Thakkar
IIMK White Kinght Finalists Arnab Guha Mallik, Atul Sharma, Hersh Kenkare

Student Winners @ K: Corporate Competitions, 2011

Organizers Name of the event Postion Team Members
ITC ITC Interrobang Case Challenge Winners Ankita Mukherjee, Deepika Negi, Sonal Da , Pragya Minz
Citigroup Citi Women Leader Award Winner Maanvi Ahuja
European Business School Lufthansa Airlines Case Challenge Winner Alpana Nagar, Abhishek Lahiri ,Anurag Patra
Directi  Directi Case Study Competition  National Runner up Sumedha Sobti, Dhaval Thakkar, Chetna Sharma,Madhukar Anand
Airtel Airtel i Create National Finalist Soumya Bhatia, Kripalsinh Rana, Ankit Kardam
Pepsi Pepsi Become Indra’s Advisor Challenge  National Finalist Anuj Gupta, Vishal Shitut, Varun Bajaj
ITC  ITC Interrobang  National Finalist Sonal Das, Ankita Mukherjee, Deepika Negi
TAS Tata Business Leadership Awards National Finalist Ankit Kardam, Maanvi Ahuja, Shipra Agarwal, Saurabh Gupta
ITC ITC Interrobang  Campus Runners Up Saumya Rathor, Ashok Prasad, Arjun Rao, Zoheb Khan Bindaas Marketers Winner Anuj Gupta & Dimpy Kamra
CFA Institute CFA Institue Investment Research Challenge 2011  National Finalist Ankit Kardam, Shipra Agarwal, Varun Murali
TAS TAS Business Leadership Awards Third Abhishek Lahiri, Nishant Biswal, Punyata Tuli
TAS TAS Business Leadership Awards Campus Winners Abhishek Jangir, Ankit Kardam, Maanvi Ahuja, Ravindra Manvi
TAS  TAS Business Leadership Awards Campus Second Ansa Ephraim, Reuben Philip, Imtiazuddin, Ahmed,  Arjun Mohan
Nissan Nissan Student Brand Manager Winner Reuben Philip Abraham
Mahindra Mahindra War Room Campus Winners Sidharth R, Ayushi Agarwal, Kripal Rana, Soumya Bhatia
HUL HUL LIME 3 Campus Winners Arjun Rao, Saumya Rathor, Ashok Prasad
Business Standard Best B-School Project Campus Winners Sumedha Sobti, Dhaval Thakkar, Vinay Prabhu, Subin Sudhir, Chetna Sharma, Madhukar Anand
Johnson&Johnson Johnson & Johnson Medicals Envidea Top 5 Sudharshna K, Arpitha Chandrashekhar, Kriti S, Mahtaab K
JPMC ‘The Deal’ Top 5 Vinay Prabhu, Vishal Shitut, Imtiazuddin Ahmed
Amazon “What is Your Cloud Idea” Top 5 Arifuddin Ahmed
Mahindra Mahindra IIFT Ranniti Top 5 Sivaharsh S, Monica P, Meera A
Nissan Nissan Student Brand Manager National Finalists Sivaharsh S
Airtel Airtel Innovative Ideators National Finalists Peyush, Rakesh Singh, Obulesu Nanganuru, Prathamesh Malgundkar
Airtel Airtel Innovative Ideators National Finalists Anurag Prakash Gupta, Sajal Kumar, Parijat, Sushant Malve,Abhishek Gour
Airtel Airtel Innovative Ideators National Finalists Rahul Kattayil, Amit Sinha, Amit Dhote, Amit Jain, Ankit Agarwal
Airtel Airtel Innovative Ideators National Finalists Anuj Gupta, Rohit Nelli, Sneha Maheshwari, Soumya Barik,Tirthankar Saha
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland 42nd St. Gallen Symposium St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award Krishnadas N
Hult Global Case Challenge Qualified for Finals Namith Najeeb, Sneha Choudhary, Monica Pachori  ,Deepika Negi
Emerging Economics Doctoral Student Award Manish Shukla
Emerald/IAM Indian Management Research Fund Award Narayana.S & Pati.R.K
Genius HR Excellence Award 2011 The Best HR Manager Award Sabyasachi Mahapatra
V-Guard V-Guard Big Idea B-plan Runners up Sivaharsh S, Harshan VV, Sudhish KM
Dewang Mehta Best Management Student Award Campus Winner Arjun Mohan
V-Guard V-Guard Big Idea B-plan National Finalists Arjun Mohan, Tony Sebastian, Nikhil John Kurian
Henkel Henkel Innovation Challenge 4 National Finalists, (Top 4) Ritesh Jain, Sanjeet Mishra, Niketa Narain

Student Winners @ K: B-School Competitions, 2010

Organizers Event Name Position Team Members
XIMB, Bhubaneshwar International Conference on Demography Finalist Anuj Banga
NITIE Lets Go Green, Envision Finalist Anuj Banga
IIM Bangalore Bizzwing, Vista ’10 Second Rasaal Dwivedi
SPJMR Uddyam ‘10 Finalist Sudeep Turakhia
IMT Ghaziabad National Entrepreneurship Summit Finalist Sudeep Turakhia
IIT Madras Samanvay ‘10 Finalist Sudeep Turakhia
IMT Ghaziabad National Entrepreneurship Summit Finalist Ahirrao Swapnil Rajiv
SPJMR Uddyam ‘10 Third Ahirrao Swapnil Rajiv
NITC Baptist B-plan competition Second Rahul Bansal
IIM Calcutta Querio Quizzing Competition ‘10 Finalist Rahul Bansal
XLRI Aadhar case study, Ensemble ’10 Finalist Rahul Bansal
XIMB, Bhubaneshwar International Conference on Demography Finalist Amit Chand
JBIBMS LIC case competition Finalist Aneesh Bhagat
IIM Bangalore Excelsiur, Vista’10 Winner Hitesh Chopra
 SIBM Birth of a salesman Finalist Hitesh Chopra
FMS Click n create Winner Praveen Jha
IIM Indore My Campaign National Winners (1st Prize) Dhaval Thakkar, Chetna Sharma, Sumedha Sobti
SPJIMR Mumbai ZEHEN Top 5 Dhaval Thakkar, Sumedha Sobti
IIM Bangalore  Leadership challenge , Vista ’10 Winner Sidharth Srivastava
IIM Bangalore Bizzwings, Vista ‘10 Second Sidharth Srivastava
TISS Mantan’10 National Finalist, Archana S
IIM Bangalore Throwball, Sangram ’10 Second Archana S
IIM Bangalore Trojan Horse, Vista ‘10 Second Archana S
IMT Ghaziabad National Entrepreneurship Summit Finalist Naik Sandeep Vijay
SPJMR Uddyam ‘10 Third Naik Sandeep Vijay
SIBM Transcend ‘10 Winner Saurabh Kaushik
IIM Bangalore Master the Market, Vista’10 Winner Saurabh Kaushik
IIM Lucknow Efficiency Expert, Transcend ‘10 Winner Saurabh Kaushik
IIM Kozhikode Point of Sales, Backwaters ‘10 Third Saurabh Kaushik
IIM Bangalore Street Smart, Vista’10 Finalist Saurabh Kaushik
IIM Indore Sociography Top 5 Sumedha Sobti
IIML Yajna, Manfest, IIML Finalists Ritesh Jain, Sanjeet Mishra, Niketa Narain
IIMK  ‘Infinite Bounds’, IIMK Second Ahmer Khan ,Arifuddin Ahmed, Shivam Nayak
MICA The Midas Touch, Sankalp, MICA Finalists Sukesh Kumar, Sajal Kumar, Soumya Barik,
Anuj Gupta, Hari Vignesh, Rutvij Jadav, Anurag
Pal, Niketa Narain
IIMB VISTA’10 – IIMB’s Strategy Case Competition 2nd prize Charanyan Iyengar
Stanford University Stanford University’s Global Innovation Tournament National Champions Charanyan Iyengar
KJ Somaiya Click pic Winner Aneesh Bhagat
Pagalguy Pagalguy B-School Shutterbug Photo Contest Second Biswa Bhushan

Student Winners @ K: Corporate Competitions, 2010


Organizers Event Name Position Team Members
United Nations UN student’s parliament Selected to represent India Ansa Mary Ephraim
Dremworks DreamWorks Animation workshop, Chicago Top 4 Finalists Ansa Mary Ephraim
Airtel Airtel iCreate Top 5 National Finalists Abishek Lahiri, Nidhi Pandey and Shikha Gupta
Deloitte Deloitte Ignite National Finalist Anuj Banga
Mahindra Group Mahindra war room ’10 Campus champions Rasaal Dwivedi
Deloitte Deloitte Ignite Finalist Amit Chand
Deloitte Deloitte Case Study Campus Champion Hitesh Chopra
ONGC ONGC Serveskriti Winner Praveen Jha
Yes Bank Yes Bank Case study competition Finalist Abhishek Jangir
 HUL Ltd. Finalist Abhishek Jangir
Johnson&Johnson J&J Envidea case study competition Top 5 National Finalists Sahil Khurana, Saumya Rathor, Souradip Adak and Sneha Choudhry
Futures First PPI, Futures First Trade Mogul Finalist Sidharth Srivastava
Mahindra Group Mahindra War room ‘10 Campus Champions Sidharth Srivastava
Mahindra Group Mahindra War room ‘10 Campus Finalist Archana S
ICICI Quiz, ICICI Aspire Winner Prasanna Venkatesh
Futures First PPI, Futures First Trade Mogul Finalist Prasanna Venkatesh
Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters Top trader Finalist Love Sharma
PRS  PRS Legislative Research Second Love Sharma
Pepsico Pepsi Become Indra’s Advisors National Finalists Preetha Subramanian, Alpana Nagar, Pooja Gandhi
Deloitte Deloitte case study competition Second Sumit Solanki
Mahindra Group Finalist, Mahindra War room Campus Finalist Sumit Solanki
Deloitte Deloitte ERS Campus Case Challenge National Level Second Ankit Arora, Ankita Mukherjee, Deepika, Negi,Kartik Desikan
Deloitte Deloitte case study competition Second, Ujjwal Chopra
Yes Bank Yes Bank Transformation Series V2.0 Campus National Finalists (Top 4) Abhishek Lahiri, Nishant Biswal, Punyata Tuli
Mckinsey & Co. Mckinsey & Co. Case Challenge National Finalists Charanyan Iyengar
Deloitte Deloitte Case-Study competition National Finalists Charanyan Iyengar
CINGO, Global “Karmaveer Puruskaar” for social entrepreneurship Winner Rasaal Dwivedi
CRISIL CRISIL Young Thought Leader Award Winner Charanyan Iyengar