Backwaters v2.10 – Discover the Difference

The backwaters are no longer calm and still, Backwaters v2.10 is here to stir up emotions. The Annual Business School meet of Indian Institute of management Kozhikode is back. The meet aims to put into action the institute’s vision of propelling the Business School from the path of exclusive elitism to inclusive excellence. The meet will span three days, 19th to 21st November. The theme of the fest this year is to “discover the difference” –where the intention is to revive, redeem and reaffirm the unique facets of India Inc. A perfect platform to showcase one’s talent and nurture it too, Backwaters has come up with a new set of events that do all of this and more. The top 70 business schools fight it out to emerge the best biz big wigs. The number of events has been increased this year to include more creative and thought intensive challenges.

Curiosity has its own reasons for existing and Backwaters v2.10 is glad to add to the repertoire of reasons. Backwater’s flagship event, White Knight, has already been launched on a scale larger than ever and has a funding of a whooping Rs. 3 crore which makes it the largest such competition in India. The corporate quiz, Bizzathalon conducted by the nationally renowned quizmaster Avinash Mudaliar is expected to be one of the highlights this year. Another key event this year is Horizons, the Annual Management Conclave conducted in association with the Industry Interaction Cell of IIMK inviting industry leaders, academicians and policy makers to inspire budding leaders.

Backwaters v2.10 has promised to be a meet that will push budding CEOs and entrepreneurs to the limit of testing their logical construct and get the best out of them. Backwaters v2.10 also has some events this year that are open for the corporate and the undergraduate student population.  Backwaters 2010 held earlier in the year had close to 100 students invited to compete for the final rounds at IIMK. More than 12 lakh hits were registered on the official Backwaters website across 26 countries in a period of just 1 month. This awe-inspiring success has the potential of reaching even greater heights. Here is an opportunity to revel in the spirit of competition and the culture of management expertise. Backwaters v2.10 is striving to create a balance between the crusader and complacency, to find the courage to drive the engine of positive change while maintaining social development always in sight and in thought

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