Higher Stakes, Greater Rewards: Backwaters Day 2

How often after dinner we are left with the lingering taste of the dessert! Well that was what TVF (The Viral Fever) was to the day two. Anyways let us not jump the queue here.

We started the second day’s proceedings from where we left of, the Model United Nations where delegates further divulged into “combating terrorism and human rights violations” and “non-proliferation of nuclear weapons” in two committees. While policy discussions was left to the delegates to ponder upon we panned our camera to IIMK’s yet another star flagship event “Return of the pride – CSK” . One of the most awaited events at Backwaters, it lived up to its expectations wherein participants presented their ideas on re-launch strategy for Chennai Super Kings. With prizes worth one lac to won, it was one of the hotly contested events. The event was judged by Mr George John, Director CSK, Mr Chockalingam, Creative Director, OPN Advertising, Ms Bala Manian, Director, OPN Advertising; Prof Joffi Thomas, IIM Kozhikode and Prof Deepak Dayanidhi, IIM Kozhikode.

While CSK’s event created a lot of buzz on the campus, proceedings for yet another flagship event were brewing up: Avatar, the ultimate CEO Challenge. A gruelling 10 round event which started with its Round Five, the Sponsors Judgement today. Participants were put to test for their creative and intellect alike. We followed it up with White Knight, a B-Plan Competition of IIM Kozhikode. Which aimed to encourage entrepreneurship by providing the platform for newer ideas. All the flagship events saw the participation of teams from business schools from across the country.

Another of the event that followed up its activities from Day 1 was Shiksha, a student development initiative. It conducted a motivational personality development programme for the undergraduate students. The talks at Shiksha were conducted by Team Synergy and were received by positive feedbacks from the students. What kept the day interesting were on spot events like: Trivia – TV Show and Character based quiz. And a big shout out to the organizers for it was a tough nut to crack. Event saw the participation from scores of students moving around with perplexed looks trying to decode the codified puzzles.

While we ended the business for the day two with Model United Nations drafting its proposals only to make way for the most awaited event/nights of Backwaters.

The Pro-Night and this time it was The Viral Fever in the house.

The Viral Fever has created ripples in the Indian entertainment industry in the recent years with its witty shows, which have won the hearts of the Indian youth. What lies at the heart of their success are their passionate actors and witty script writers, who have been able to create an instant connect with millions. Backwaters 2016, the annual management festival of IIM K was all geared up for hosting the TVF team on its second night and it turned out to be an evening filled with humour and good old laughter. The show began with stand-up comedy star Vipul Goyal (VG) performance, making the crowd go crazy with his doses of laughter. This was followed by Jeetu (Jitendra Kumar) and Aakansha taking the stage. The popular dialogues from The Pitchers and various other TVF Hits were making the audience go berserk. The evening ended with an informal interaction of the TVF team with the ‘Kommunity’. They had to encounter myriad questions, ranging from their parents’ reaction to their videos to what they would have been if they didn’t venture into this sphere. And just the all good things come to an end so did this one came to a close with the TVF team holding an informal selfie session with IIMK students. It was indeed a fun thing to do.

With this we bring down the curtains on yet another enthralling experience that was day two of Backwaters.

We shall be back soon with proceedings from ultimate day of Backwaters.

Till then it’s a good bye from us at Backwaters and PR cell, IIMK

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Compiled by Amritansh Ahuja and Parnabho Kundu | Public Relations Cell, IIM Kozhikode

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