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Rashmi Bansal inspires IIM K potential entrepreneurs

Rashmi Bansal was invited by ECell to visit the campus on 19/09/2010. She held an informal session with students talking about her books “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” and “Connect the Dots”. She also spoke about some interesting entrepreneurs she happened to meet in Kerala. She spoke about some entrepreneurs whose stories could not be published in the book “Connect the Dots” but were interesting stories. Examples included two alumni of IIMK who are into the business of Banana chips. She also gave a very interesting example of a young entrepreneur in the incubation centre, NIT Calicut. She used this example to convey how inspirations may be there everywhere around us, we need to have the tendency to look for them. Rashmi also guided students regarding the importance of having informal interactions with faculty members because they always have stories which can be enlightening to students.

On being asked about examples of “Failure in entrepreneurship”, she told that there is nothing called a permanent failure in entrepreneurship; it is like an addiction, you would seldom feel like closing down a business and going back to job. She told she has never met any person who has felt like a failure after being an entrepreneur. If you don’t succeed it is a lesson, if you do, you fulfil your dream.  A job is a safe option…. so one can rather seek the adventures and do something new than work in a job with limited exposure. Students were lucky to get some practical advice from her when she told them that every campus has around 10 percent students who are capable of making it big if they try something different, but every student should use the time in the college to discover if he or she belongs to that 10 percent. When asked about the difficulty in getting a book published in India, she said “ one should write for himself, and his satisfaction, publications and audience will follow”.

She spoke about

  • Her experience as a book writer
  • How she ended up being a writer?
  • What the life of a writer is like?
  • Journalism as a career option
  • Challenges that one faces in starting up and maintaining a magazine

She was full praise to the architecture of the buildings on campus and the beautiful natural landscape around the campus. She commented that the campus looked very different from the other IIM’s and it is the most beautiful of all the IIM’s that she has seen. She liked the concept of Contemplation Room and Meditation Centre in the campus.

A pill in Entrepreneurship by Dr. Sunil Handa

If anyone has read the book ‘Stay hungry, Stay foolish’, one would come across a chapter titled ‘The Alchemist’. It is about the success story of Prof. Sunil Handa, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad.According to the book, “From a hard nosed businessman to an educational entrepreneur, his is a fascinating journey.”

On 9th and 10th of September , 2010 , students of IIM Kozhikode had the unique opportunity to engage in an interaction with Prof. Sunil Handa in his flagship programme ‘Workshop on LEM ( Laboratory in Entrepreneurial Motivation)’.By the way ,the subject  ‘LEM’ is the most sought after elective course in IIM Ahmedabad .With his no-nonsense inspirational take on entrepreneurship , interspersed with witty anecdotes , Prof. Handa has managed to keep the students in the Auditorium engrossed in his words of wisdom .He urged the students to be like a ‘ Shiva linga’ .He told that whatever type of liquid one pours on it , there as no affect on the ‘ Shiva linga’ . It just stands firm. Likewise, during one’s entrepreneurial venture, if anyone is faced with any sort of criticism, one should not be undermined and be firm and should just focus on one’s goals. He went on to dwell on obstacles, stressing the fact that they are like “margasuchak”. They give right direction to oneself and that whenever someone encounters an obstacle then they should thank the obstacle. He quoted an example of him not receiving an offer from a famous FMCG company and that was the reason for him to do bigger things in life. He even went to the temple and thanked God for that incident in his life. He also quoted from Hanuman Chalisa, “Aapan Tej Samharo Aapei, Tanau Lok Hank Te Kanpei” – When you roar all the three worlds tremble and only you can control your might. This means you are the limit of yourself. He asked the students to strip the quote of its religious meaning and apply it to their managerial practices .According to Prof. Handa, “A century ago, being patriotic would have meant ‘Getting freedom from the British’. Today if you want to help your country, start some business and help the economy grow better”.

Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, the Director of IIM Kozhikode, expressed his desire that if at least twenty students out of the batch of first year students could turn up into successful entrepreneurs then the whole purpose of the workshop would be fulfilled. He was curious about the quality of the Business Plans that the students discussed with Prof. Handa and asked about them. Prof. Handa was pleased with the business ideas put forward by the students. The Director informed  Prof. Handa that the curriculum in IIM Kozhikode is under revision and feedback is taken from the students themselves on what they  exactly want .The Director revealed that if the students suggested some courses on Entrepreneurship, then the faculty would try to include more of such courses as they are trying to be very flexible in revising the curriculum.

E-Cell (The Interest Group of IIM Kozhikode which promotes entrepreneurial spirit among the students) enquired Prof. Handa about the activities that  E-Cell should involve in  to foster Entrepreneurship. His suggestion was introduction of a course with focus on one-to-one sessions and industry visits and meeting with top management of the corresponding industries.

During a one-on-one session regarding Business Plans, a student told Prof. Handa that he has 20 acres of land and asked about his desire to start a dairy farm.Prof. Handa replied, “It is a fantastic idea. I always wanted that one of my students have a dairy with 10,000 cows and buffaloes. If you ever plan to implement the idea, contact me, I will help you with the whole thing. We’ll also start a milk processing factory, use cow dung to produce bio-gas and will make organic compost of the final waste.”

Such is the charisma of Prof. Handa that he has turned many students in B – Schools over India into successful entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, his ‘Workshop in Laboratory in Entrepreneurial Motivation’ has become immensely popular over the years.

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Asking yourself the quintessential question… Why MBA?

All of us have encountered this question and have developed responses that are both impressive and inventive. These responses reflect our perception of an MBA program which more often than naught is the result of certain stereotypes. To utilize something one must first perceive it. As much publicized, the MBA program has immense potential to be tailored to suit one’s personal requirements. But like any tailored fitting its usefulness is limited by one’s ability to perceive oneself in that outfit. There are several stereotypes attached to an MBA program. The numerically inclined want to pursue a career in finance or economics, the verbally inclined want to go for marketing or HR. Although these traits are necessary, they are by no means sufficient.  The most important quality of an MBA program is its versatility. It has the ability to be much more than just a degree.  Business, as we understand it, is based on certain principles spread across measurable disciplines. But a component of business cannot be compartmentalized. Any business activity is driven by five impulses (or “senses”) – finance, marketing, operations, HR and strategy. Finance tells you which option is most profitable among a list of alternatives. But who generates the list? Similarly marketing delivers value to your business. But how valuable do you want your business to be? Operations optimizes processes. But what level of optimality do you want? HR manages people. But which people do you need to manage? Strategy builds business intelligence? But how much intelligence is sufficient? The answers to these questions may not be available in text or speech. But these answers can be deciphered by application. The knowledge of these answers is the “sixth sense” of business. This knowledge (sixth sense) is both critical and elusive. It is this skill that one needs to acquire through an MBA program.


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The Countdown begins to PGP14….

With the registration & orientation for the Class of 2012 just hours away, it has gotten me nostalgic about our orientation which was more of a hush-hush affair, yet something so memorable. We remember taking snaps at the amphitheatre right after the orientation. 364 days have passed since that day and every day at the God’s Own Kampus (that’s how we spell Campus in this part of the world) has been a gift (no matter how we crib). You see the anticipation and apprehension in the eyes of these folks as they silently drag their luggage down the Crossroads to the hostel wing, only halting now then looking for a soul to give them directions.

I am sure every second year student goes through this cycle of emotions when Facchas and Facchis enter their kampus and life.It is a unique sight to see so many new students that for a moment you question yourself, “Is this the same IIMK?”  Well,  the answer is a simple NO! Every batch reshapes the culture of IIMK and I am sure PGP14 will surely bring something that enriches our culture further.

PGP14 is gifted in more ways than one. PGP14 is the first batch which will be administered the oath of ethical conduct. This is the first ever orientation in the history of IIM-K that will be recorded.  The batch can store  it as cherished memory for the rest of their illustrious life. PGP14 also enter the college when we are on a high with a lot of developments on the institute front right from the increased thrust in the Executive Education Program, plans to take distance education program to Mauritius, Singapore, and the latest rankings of IIMK on Business World.With our Director Dr. Debashis Chatterjee coming up with the Leadership Clinic in Mumbai this week it will be another platform where hot-shots from companies such as HSBC, Nokia etc will come together to discuss the emerging ideas in leadership. Surely these are exciting times for the new batch to savor.

I will spare the gyaan for the umpteen number of sessions which will be held for the PGP14 going forward. I hope PGP14 has a smooth registration process, a wonderful orientation week and tons of fun while they settle down at IIMK. Trust me guys, rest for while before the storm comes to hit you 🙂 Buckle up your seats coz Kansas is going Bye-Bye 🙂

Trust me guys (and gals, how can I ignore them :D) you folks are in for a blast!  Welcome to IIM-Kozhikode!

Glass Half-full or Half-empty ?

As we conclude our most taxing term on Kampus (4 projects, 40 odd quizzes and exams, countless cases) and the first-half of our stay at IIM Kozhikode, mixed emotions cloud our thoughts. At one end we are relieved to go through some of the  subjects that sapped the living soul out of us, whereas at the other end we are excited and nervous as we are about to enter the corporate world for one express stint with our summer internships. At one end we are happy that the tough first year has gone by, but at the other end we know that there is just one more year to go on God’s own Kampus. At one end, we are sad to see our seniors leave one by one, and at the other end we know that we are going to rule this college for the next one year and try to make IIMK to rise to new heights.

As they say emotions are only ephemeral and they will pass on with time. Change is inevitable and it will prevail and it us who will have to brave all the changes that will come in our life.

Destination Kozhikode…

While people might debate over the Kozhikode (formerly Calicut) being one of the quieter towns of Kerala, it comes as no surprise when Kozhikode is voted as one of the preferred locations for settling down. A recent survey by rated Kozhikode as the 15th best city to live in and 5th among the non-metros. This is not a one-off instance as another survey in 2007 by Indicus Survey Research rated Kozhikode as one of the destination cities.

Rediff rated Kozhikode 3rd on purchasing power, 10th on housing options and socio-cultural political fronts. It fell on the safety front which was pretty surprising considering our hassle-free experiences so far. Touch wood! However Kozhikode ranks # 1 in medical and hospital facilities in the 37 cities in the survey.

Kozhikode, the 3rd largest city in Kerala is known for its history, a melting pot of varied cultures, Ayurveda Therapy and our very own God’s own Kampus.

Another Red-Letter Day….

20th March, 2010 beckoned like a Red-letter day in the lives of PGP12 ever since they watched their seniors graduate out last year. The feeling was of great pride to see another batch of  promising students  receive their PGDs from Mr. Kapil Sibal, HRD Minister who graced Graduation day 2010 at IIM-K, however the pride was quickly overshadowed by deep and serene thoughts of one’s own future and trying to decipher one’s own destiny. For me it was like seeing my sibling getting married while I stood like a bystander trying to rejoice in their happiness.

However there was a lot more than these thoughts that were built around the Graduation Day. The were moments during Term 6 that showed the first instance of the seniors realizing that not much remained of their B-school days. Every chat session in the NC was rejoiced, every birthday was celebrated with great fervor, every CS session was enjoyed that much more, every Kiran Maggi savored with so much delight. While they knew that the inevitable drew close, they had no option but to enjoy every day on the pristine Kampus, while awaiting the new life with open arms.

The funny thing about B-school life is that, as long as you are there, you confront challenges that occur with such brazen and relentless frequencies yet once you get away from Kampus, you cannot help but feel that pang of separation from your alma-mater.And after attending today’s convocation, the feeling has only become that much more intense. God save me on my graduation day!! 🙂

For most it would not be their last Kiran Maggi, it would not be their last birthday together, for a lot of us are going  to see each other at Sangam in about 2 months, but everybody knows that on this graduation day when the Board of Governors recommend conferring PGDMs their life would never be the same again….

Congratulations PGP12!  We will miss you.. GodSpeed!



Convocation PGP 12 IIM Kozhikode

Another 250 elite PGDMs were added to the country on Saturday when the Convocation took place here at the Kampus. With Hon’ble HRD Minister Shri Kapil Sibal gracing the occasion, the PGP 12-ers could not have asked for an evening more perfect. The college wore a festive look with all the decorations in place and the graduating students in their best formal attire showing their guests around the Kampus gracefully. It was hard to believe that less than two days ago, the same batch had been partying their wits off.

Starting with the Chairman welcoming the students and their proud families to the occasion and the Director speaking of the achievements of the institute over the past one year, the evening saw the passing out batch being awarded their Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Gold Medals for Scholastic Excellence were awarded to M Sathan Babu, Shubham Pramod Katiyar and Koteswara Rao M while the Gold Medals for All Round Excellence were awarded to Smrithi R and Tapangshu Das. The evening ended well with a corporate dinner for everyone.

A Farewell to remember…

The farewell for the passing out PGP 12 batch was given at the Taj Gateway Hotel on Thursday. It was a day to let the hair down and party till someone dropped or was kicked out. For action seekers, sadly neither happened. With busloads of students descending upon the venue, the party was determined to be kick-ass stuff right from the beginning. The evening started with song performances from the junior batch and the awarding of titles ranging from “Mr.Casanova” to “IP Queen” to “The Chettas”. The polling had been done among both the batches and the winners proudly walked away with the… ahem… accolades. For some of them, it was time to descend upon the food and drink like the ancient Greek Gods did after a tiring day of Thunderbolting and Medusa-fighting. The actual kick-off started when the DJ started belting out popular dance numbers. The prettily dressed ladies and the dashing young men took to the floor and did a fairly good imitation of Apaches in a rain dance. With the feet tapping and heart thumping, the farewell was what you would ask to remember as the last best thing from Kampus.

Placements and Salaries at K

We are pleased to inform that IIM Kozhikode has completed its placements successfully. Please see the complete report attached at the end of this post

Over the years, salary figures in placement reports across B-schools have invariably centered around two figures, the average salary and the highest salary, with aspirants and industry looking at these figures to gauge the placements at institutes.

However, we felt that this does not present the entire picture since providing a blanket figure makes it tough to find out what different sectors have to offer. “Providing a consolidated average salary figure has been found to be inadequate for MBA-aspirants. A blanket-average salary figure conveys very little information about what the students can expect in a particular sector, since major variations exist in the compensation structures across sectors” said Dr Keyoor Purani, Chairperson- Placements at IIM K. Thus a sectoral methodology of arriving at salary figures was used where each company that participated in the process was classified into various sectors like Foreign Financial institutions, Consulting, Indian Financial Institutions etc.

While calculating the figures mentioned in the report, the salary data used are the CTC figures including variable component quoted by participating firms when making the offers to the students. A single average and highest figure for the entire placements process does not reflect the true picture due to varying compensation policies followed across sectors. This can be seen from the relatively different salary figures in the Foreign financial institutions compared to that offered by firms in a sector like FMCG.

We believe that this is a right step in aiding aspirants in choosing the right career path and would help them to know exactly what to expect from the sectors they’re planning to work in.

IIM Kozhikode Final Placements 2010