Another Red-Letter Day….

20th March, 2010 beckoned like a Red-letter day in the lives of PGP12 ever since they watched their seniors graduate out last year. The feeling was of great pride to see another batch of  promising students  receive their PGDs from Mr. Kapil Sibal, HRD Minister who graced Graduation day 2010 at IIM-K, however the pride was quickly overshadowed by deep and serene thoughts of one’s own future and trying to decipher one’s own destiny. For me it was like seeing my sibling getting married while I stood like a bystander trying to rejoice in their happiness.

However there was a lot more than these thoughts that were built around the Graduation Day. The were moments during Term 6 that showed the first instance of the seniors realizing that not much remained of their B-school days. Every chat session in the NC was rejoiced, every birthday was celebrated with great fervor, every CS session was enjoyed that much more, every Kiran Maggi savored with so much delight. While they knew that the inevitable drew close, they had no option but to enjoy every day on the pristine Kampus, while awaiting the new life with open arms.

The funny thing about B-school life is that, as long as you are there, you confront challenges that occur with such brazen and relentless frequencies yet once you get away from Kampus, you cannot help but feel that pang of separation from your alma-mater.And after attending today’s convocation, the feeling has only become that much more intense. God save me on my graduation day!! 🙂

For most it would not be their last Kiran Maggi, it would not be their last birthday together, for a lot of us are going  to see each other at Sangam in about 2 months, but everybody knows that on this graduation day when the Board of Governors recommend conferring PGDMs their life would never be the same again….

Congratulations PGP12!  We will miss you.. GodSpeed!



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