A Farewell to remember…

The farewell for the passing out PGP 12 batch was given at the Taj Gateway Hotel on Thursday. It was a day to let the hair down and party till someone dropped or was kicked out. For action seekers, sadly neither happened. With busloads of students descending upon the venue, the party was determined to be kick-ass stuff right from the beginning. The evening started with song performances from the junior batch and the awarding of titles ranging from “Mr.Casanova” to “IP Queen” to “The Chettas”. The polling had been done among both the batches and the winners proudly walked away with the… ahem… accolades. For some of them, it was time to descend upon the food and drink like the ancient Greek Gods did after a tiring day of Thunderbolting and Medusa-fighting. The actual kick-off started when the DJ started belting out popular dance numbers. The prettily dressed ladies and the dashing young men took to the floor and did a fairly good imitation of Apaches in a rain dance. With the feet tapping and heart thumping, the farewell was what you would ask to remember as the last best thing from Kampus.

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