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Biswa Mast Admi in the house – Power packed comedy on day 2 of Backwaters ’17 !

The comedian who came into prominence through his popular YouTube series “Pretentious Movie Reviews” , has  recently launched his own show “Lakhon me Ek” after the success of his stand-up act Biswa Mast Aadmi on Amazon Prime Video. Biswa always has his audience in splits and recently visited IIM Kozhikode on the Day 2 of their flagship management fest- Backwaters and enthralled the B-school students with his quips and punch lines.
PR Cell got a chance to catch him right after his performance and shot a few questions.Below are the excerpts from the conversation :

PRC : What was your “Aha” moment when you realised you wanted to be a stand-up comedian ?

Biswa : There was no aha moment. It happened gradually over time like most things happen. I used to write and whatever I was writing was becoming popular, so I thought of trying it out on stage. It was a gradual process.

PRC : When was your first gig then?

Biswa : I think it was December 2012.

PRC : You have a new show called “Lakhon Mein Ek” on Amazon Prime. How much is the character based on your life story?

Biswa : It is in fact inspired by my life and a lot of my friends too. The elements of the world that are seen are all real but the story is an amalgamation of various situations and stories.

PRC : Who is your favourite comedian and why ?

Biswa : My favourite comedian would be Louis C.K .Why ? Well he’s the best comedian in the world!

PRC : We have a lot of budding comedians in our campus. What would be your word of advice for them?

Biswa : Just keep doing it , just keep being funny! You should go to different cities and try your material out and you should stick with it for at least two years because that’s how long it takes for you to get your first 45 minutes. Don’t give up and if you want to do it seriously then performing in your college is not going to be enough because your college crowd relates to something that the rest of the world doesn’t really grasp.

PRC : Who did you like the most in our in- house performances today ?

Biswa : Well I liked all of them ! They were very good.

PRC : Okay so our last question. Can we expect a comeback of “Pretentious Movie Reviews”?

Biswa : Unfortunately I don’t think so. You should stop a show on a high note! Hence, we did not drag it too long.

PRC : Thank you so much for your time Biswa !