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International day at IIMK

The students’ international exchange committee at IIMK recently celebrated its international day to facilitate cross-cultural dialogue between the resident students and the ones who have come to the college as part of a 3-month exchange program. The evening began with an array of delectable snacks prepared by the students. This was followed by a ‘cult night’ which consisted of multiple dances and song performances from both sides of the border. The highlights of the evening were a fun contest of interpreting Italian hand gestures and the fashion show in the end.
PR Cell recently took an interview of a couple of such students to get to know them and their issues better. Excerpts.

PRC: If you could just give a short introduction about where you’re from, where you were studying earlier and the reason you decided to come over here.

Camille: My name is Camille, I am from Paris in France. I was in business school in Bordeaux, had the chance to do an exchange program and wanted to discover Asia.

Francois: I am from Strasbourg in the east of France, studied in the north of France in Lille in EDHEC business school, decided to come to India as I wanted to discover the country. Besides, one of my friends had visited the campus last year and told me that Kerala is a beautiful place. Hence decided to opt for this college after going through the feedback.

Julien: I am from Neoma in France. Live in Strasbourg. Wanted to discover India hence decided to come here.

PRC: So how are you finding it considering all of you wanted to see India. Has the experience been good so far?

Julien: We already did a lot of travel together, just came back from Mumbai. Saw the Ajanta and Ellora caves. Also went to Wayanad and to Cochin as well. And we went to Goa as well.

PRC: Goa is amazing during New Year’s time. The hype is even more.

PRC: How are the academics here compared to your universities back in France?

Julien: I think it is comparable because the subjects are the same. Even the marks and examinations are similar. And I think we are working a little more here than in France. But yeah for me it is quite comparable.

Francois: I agree with Julien, it’s quite the same.

Julien: I chose the same subjects I had back in France so getting to know the Indian perspective on those, because here you have Indian companies as well

PRC: Do you face any language barriers in learning here?

Julien: Oh yes! During some of the lectures.

Francois: Also some teachers speak really fast and with a strange accent.

PRC: What do you do in your free time?

Camille: When we have a day or weekend, just travel and chill, go explore Kerala and Calicut, or the beaches next to us.

Julien: Watch football a lot.

PRC: Any suggestions on how we can improve the forex program for people who are coming later? Or anything you liked in particular that you want us to continue? Any sort of feedback.

Camille: Till now everything’s been really good and we have been welcomed really wel, food is good. So yeah everything’s good for now.

Francois: It’s very well organised.

Julien: Maybe the buddy program. Because we have to find out who he or she is, and if they don’t contact us, we don’t know.

PRC: That is a good suggestion. We can definitely look into that.

PRC: What was the one thing that you missed coming here from your hometown?

Camille: Wine and cheese.

Julien: So only food and drinks. *everybody laughs*

PRC: Which restaurants have you been to over here?

Camille: We’ve been just down, to the seafood restaurant, Downtown Café, the restaurant in HiLite mall, Sarovar.

PRC: You can try Sea Queen, it’s near Calicut beach.

PRC: And what would be the one thing that you miss about Kozhikode when you go back?

Julien: The heat. And Indian food, I feel.

Camille: And Indian people that we met. The campus also, and the view from my balcony.

Francois: Yes, the campus is nice.

PRC: Alright, thank you so much for your time. It was nice to get to know you better.